The Concealer That Never Was

I wish I was writing about how to make your own concealer that is free of all the bad stuff out there.  But sometimes life has other ideas for you.  Like how I tried making my own concealer four different times.  And none of them worked.

Concealer that never was

Now, I was blessed with very nice skin.  I never had acne problems and I rarely have a breakout.  But during the spring and fall allergy season (and the time I was low in iron) I get nice dark circles under my eyes.  Dark circles that I like to brighten with a little concealer.  And my cheapo drugstore stuff was basically out and ragweed is coming guys!

If you haven’t caught on already, I like to make things but I also like things to be simple.  Like my eyeliner and makeup remover,  both use very few ingredients.  So in that nature, I tried to make some concealer.  I searched Pinterest for some recipes (who knew liquid concealer is not at all popular?).  I came up with some that you’d have to make EVERY day so it wouldn’t go bad.  No thank you.  And others had a long list of ingredients.  I know I’ll eventually use the other ingredients for other makeup but when I have to buy everything at once, I get scared.  It’s too much and overwhelms me.  (This is why my cooking might seem a little bland to some people but that’s another thing.)

The cinnamon was a bad choice
The cinnamon was a bad choice…

I thought back to my eyeliner and wanted something like that for concealer (but not black obviously).  Most recipes call for arrowroot powder so I tried that.  I tried it with aloe vera gel.  I tried it with fractionated coconut oil.  Then I tried it with both the aloe and the coconut oil (that one turned out like silly putty).  I tried coconut oil with melted beeswax.  And nothing came out to the right consistency.  I did learn that cocoa powder with arrowroot makes a much smoother color than ground cinnamon.  The cinnamon is speckled and therefore made the concealer speckled.  I guess you could say it’s freckles?

Cocoa powder blended well.
Cocoa powder blended well.

The closest one that worked was fractionated coconut oil, arrowroot powder, and a tiny bit of cocoa because even though I’m really tan right now, I’m still really pale. 💁🏻  This concoction actually went on my face well and concealed under my eyes nicely, but it wore off super easily.  Like I accidentally touched my face and bam, I had gunk on my fingertips.  I doubt it would hold up in the heat either.  I see visions of cake batter running down my cheeks – haha! 🎂

The cake batter concealer.
The cake batter concealer.

So why am I telling you about my failures here?  Because I think it’s a good reminder that not everything works out and that’s okay.  You can have the best intentions to rid your life of chemicals but sometimes you have to take a step back and say “I have done all I can for now.  At least I tried.”  For now,  I will go back to my drugstore stuff.  Perhaps I’ll look into brands that are safer too.  I’m not giving up;  I just don’t think this is the right time for me to go nuts with a million natural ingredients.

My preferred cheap drugstore concealer.
My preferred cheap drugstore concealer.

Plus, I also learned some things I can use for making loose face powder – whenever I get around to wanting to attempt that.

Switching to safer products is hard.  It takes a TON of time to research and really understand what is bad about your everyday products.  And then it takes MORE time to find alternatives.  And EVEN more time if you decide to make those alternatives yourself.  So for any of you out there who are like me and feel it’s an uphill battle, you are not alone.  When you fall, get up and try again (but it’s okay if you try again later). 🙂

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