Dairy Free Crockpot Lasagna

Life has been a total nutcase lately!  We are starting the year end process and budgeting at work and holy cow is it busy!  Add that to being summoned for jury duty and my head has been spinning for days.  Luckily I only spent 3 hours at the courthouse this morning and never was selected for the jury. ?

This past weekend was also insanely hot.  Both Friday and Saturday we were in heat advisories.  In September!  We should be 60 degrees tops this time of year, not in the 90s.  I cannot wait for snow!  There, I said it. ❄️

Anyway, due to the heat, I was anti-oven.  I had pinned this veggie crockpot lasagna recipe months ago but shortly after I went dairy free so I never tried it.  Since then, I have tried dairy again and have decided it’s not for me.  Luckily, it’s never been a better time to be dairy free thanks to the internet and the rise of veganism.  I found this dairy free ricotta cheese recipe made with cashews.

Dairy Free Ricotta Cheese
So delicious!

In the heat Saturday, I decided to combine the recipes and see what happened.  To be honest, I totally thought it wouldn’t work and would be horrible and so I never bothered to take pictures along the way.  That was a terribly stupid mistake because this was the most amazing lasagna I have ever had!  It was also a hit with Landon! ?

I made the cashew ricotta cheese following the recipe to a tee.  For the lasagna, I made the following changes:

  • Subbed the ricotta and forwent the other cheese.
  • I couldn’t find Italian tomato sauce so I ended up using one 24 can (not two) of regular tomato sauce and mixed in Italian seasoning.
  • I think I ended up with more like 5 or 6 cups of kale
  • And I ended the last layer with sauce instead of topping with noodles, sauce, and more cheese.

This is totally going to be in rotation for meals from now on.  And I love that it makes kale taste less like kale but without sacrificing health! ?



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