Our Favorite Projects of 2020

Happy New Year!  Over the past few years, I have always been so eager to get to the next year.  After all that has happened in 2020, you’d think I’d be ready to do that again.  But while 2020 has had plenty of disappointments and challenges, I want to reflect on the good things that happened.  We were blessed with more togetherness than ever before.  We learned how to live, work, and play within our own homes.  Yes, vacations were cancelled, shopping trips became packages left on our doorsteps, and outings were not without face masks and hand sanitizer.  But if you try, I am sure you can find highlights from the year and moments to be grateful for.

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Why And How We Painted Our Basement Floor

In early March, back when life was normal, we painted our basement floor instead of having flooring installed.  It’s been one of the best decisions we made for our house!  Here is a recap on why we opted for paint over traditional flooring, how much elbow grease went into it, and an overview of the process.

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Lacquer Box DIY

Remember back in March and April when everyone was decluttering in a way that would make Marie Kondo proud?  I didn’t go very hardcore but I did find a half stained wood box in the one tote I went through.  Nearly everything is back in that tote but I was able to give the wood box new life!  And now I have a pretty lacquer box DIY sitting on our nautical shelves in our guest bedroom.

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DIY Nautical Shelves

Do you ever have those ideas that sound weird?  I told my husband I wanted to put wall shelves up in our guest bedroom and hot glue rope to the brackets.  He’s used to me having weird ideas so I didn’t have to push much.  But with weird ideas, sometimes they fail.  This, however, is my new favorite.  It was so easy to make these DIY nautical shelves and they make such an impact in the room!

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