Why And How We Painted Our Basement Floor

In early March, back when life was normal, we painted our basement floor instead of having flooring installed.  It’s been one of the best decisions we made for our house!  Here is a recap on why we opted for paint over traditional flooring, how much elbow grease went into it, and an overview of the process.

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Oh My Pumpkin! Fall Decor

Happy fall y’all!  I’ve always wanted to say that but not being from the south, “y’all” just feels weird to say out loud.  Anyway, I have pumpkin muffins in the oven and am rocking a flannel shirt today.  Crisp, fall weather has arrived and I am totally here for it!  My house is ready too!  I spent an evening arranging pumpkins and rearranging pumpkins and I’m pretty happy with how this year’s fall decor turned out.

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DIY Nautical Shelves

Do you ever have those ideas that sound weird?  I told my husband I wanted to put wall shelves up in our guest bedroom and hot glue rope to the brackets.  He’s used to me having weird ideas so I didn’t have to push much.  But with weird ideas, sometimes they fail.  This, however, is my new favorite.  It was so easy to make these DIY nautical shelves and they make such an impact in the room!

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Faux Window Grilles

Back when we were building our house, I wanted garage doors with windows.  Specifically windows with grilles.  Sadly, our choices only had plain windows.  I’m so excited to share how I created faux window grilles for only $5 and less than an hour of my time – including cleaning the windows.  It really updates our curb appeal and helps the exterior of our house look more polished.

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One Shell of a Bathroom

Pardon the play on words, but the basement bathroom is complete – kind of.  It is fully operable, just missing some things to make it feel complete.  We have all the plumbing, we have all the walls and ceiling, the vanity (actually two of them).  But it feels a bit like a model home in that it’s missing some important things like a mirror, soap dispenser, and other decor accessories.  Hence why it’s one shell of a bathroom!  All the missing components will come with time but come on and check it out how it is now!

Paint is Sherwin Williams Gauntlet Gray

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Mini Wreath Centerpiece Multiple Ways

While getting fabric at Joann’s for the tissue holders I made, I checked out the floral department too.  They have the cutest little wreaths!  I had never really seen a mini wreath but they just called to me and I had to get one.  I picked up this little eucalyptus wreath thinking it was both Spring-y and neutral.  When I got home, I had a vague idea of using it as a centerpiece.  But after an hour, I ended up with multiple ideas!  Here are my favorites to take you from St Patrick’s Day to Easter to Spring.

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