Torch Lamp Makeover

I have this corner in my home office that I have big plans for.  The first step is to get a floor lamp.  I had this old purple from my teenage bedroom but I didn’t want the torch light.  Or the purple.  A handful of years ago I had recovered a lamp shade that I suspended from my apartment ceiling for more light over my kitchen table.  The lamp shade was the right coloring for my office, so I decided to marry the two together for a torch lamp makeover.

Torch Lamp Makeover

This is probably the easiest makeover ever.  And super affordable to buy the parts brand new.  These torch lights are inexpensive at Walmart and Target and now days even come in pretty colors like gold!  Just get a modern lamp shade and pretty finial and you have a new gorgeous lamp on a college kid’s budget.  Aside from a lamp shade, you will also need a clip-on lamp shade adaptor and a finial.

Torch Lamp Makeover

What You’ll Need

Torch lamp

Lamp Shade

Clip-on lamp shade adaptor

Lamp Finial

How to Convert the Lamp

First step is to remove the lightbulb and the piece holding the torch shade in place.  After the shade is removed, pop the other piece back in place.  Attach a rounded lightbulb (those curly ones won’t work with the clip-on).

Torch Lamp Makeover

The clip-on lamp shade adaptor is packaged flat with the two wire loops next to each other.  Simply pull them apart a bit and fit around the lightbulb.  You won’t need to open the clip as wide as you think for a snug fit.

Torch Lamp Makeover

Once the clip is on, place the regular lampshade on that, and secure with the finial.  Then get lit!  The lamp I mean.  Well, you can celebrate with a drink if you’d like.  It is Landonator season now.  😉

Someday I will probably get a more modern shaped lamp shade.  But for now, this torch lamp makeover was nearly free and it buys me time as I slowly put this corner together.  Hopefully I’ll have more to share soon!

Torch Lamp Makeover

6 thoughts on “Torch Lamp Makeover

  1. This was EXACTLY what I was searching for! I didn’t even know there was such a thing as a Clip On Shade Holder, and was trying to wrap my head around a way to make it work.


  2. Oh, thank you! I have one of the very inexpensive gold torch lamps and a nice satin frame I was going to throw out…just ordered one of those clips (with a bog-standard filial attached..) $6.14 with tax.

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