3 Books for the Wanderlust Reader

I’ll be honest.  I’ve only just started feeling all the anxious feelings around staying home.  Initially, we kept ourselves so busy, I didn’t really have a chance to miss going places.  Sure, I am bummed we had to cancel a trip.  But I thought we would have it rescheduled by now.  Since travel is out of the question, I did the next best thing: read fiction travel books.  And oh man, they did not disappoint!  Here are 3 books for the wanderlust reader that will satisfy and make you hungry for travel at the same time. (I promise they are more than worth the read!)

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3 Beach Reads

Well it’s the end of July.  Summer might be coming closer to an end but I’m not sure staying home is.  Tell me I’m not the only one spending my days reading a lot more than normal.  While I wouldn’t mind reading beach side at an all-inclusive resort in Mexico in the middle of February, I’ve been reading at home.  But, regardless of sand or water, these 3 beach reads are the perfect light-hearted and captivating books to escape reality right now!

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I Was Anastasia Book Review

This is nothing like the Disney version of Anastasia Romanov.  It is so much better!  Written by Arial Lawhon and well researched historical accuracy, I cannot recommend this book enough.  I only saw the Disney film a few times as a child and I don’t recall learning about Tsar Nicholas II and the Romanov family in history class.  The book tells their story with many historical facts (I googled a lot while reading) while also being a compelling fictional read.

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How to Organize from Your Couch

When I was in college, my friends and I had a joke that our rooms were the cleanest whenever we had a big paper due or a test to study for.  It was like we couldn’t get down to business and focus unless everything was Marie Kondo’d – and this was before anyone in the states had heard of her.  Since everything started shutting down 8 weeks ago (8?!), there have been social media posts about using this time at home to get organized.  Then there have been posts that state that’s too much and we shouldn’t add more to our plates during stressful times.  I totally get it.  I’ve had the urge to declutter but have completely lacked either the time or energy on any given day.  Cooking three meals a day every day is getting old…

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Favorite Books to Read While Social Distancing

You know those books you read that stick with you?  Not only are they often page turners but they also stay with you long after you read the last page.  All this social distancing has me craving to find one of those books.  And I started recalling those books I’ve already read.  While I’m on the hunt for my next read, here are my favorite books that have stayed with me.  Add one (or more!) to your must read list and make all this time staying home a little more exciting.

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