Emily Ley Book Reviews

I first discovered Emily Ley when I purchased one of her planners for 2019.  The planner was simple but had everything needed.  It even had little tips every month to declutter or simplify my life.  I then discovered she had a website with lots of free printables and a blog that talked about all sorts of organizing and simplifying.  When her third book released last November, I pre-ordered it and also purchased her second book too.  A Simplified Life and When Less Becomes More are two books that I highly recommend if you feel like life is busier than it should be.  You know that feeling that you’re running around like a chicken with your head cut off but have no time to do anything about it?  These are the books for you.

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A Night in with Audrey, Marilyn, and Grace

Have you ever wanted to meet Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, and Grace Kelly?  How neat would it be to hang out with them one on one?  Well for Libby Lomax, each of those famous ladies magically appear on her old, smelly sofa!  Lucy Holliday wrote this book series and as far as I can tell is hilariously brilliant.  Here is my positive review of her Night In series.

A Night In Series Review
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Book Review – The Au Pair by Emma Rous

Some books you read have stories that stay with you.  Some books are written so well that the author completely captivates you before the story has a chance to climax.  The Au Pair by Emma Rous is both.  Rous unfolds two stories simultaneously alternating chapters between Serephine Mayes in present time and the au pair from 25 years earlier.

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What I Learned Reading 2 NY Times Bestsellers

I don’t typically gravitate towards nonfiction.  I don’t dislike it, I just tend to read before bed and want the grown up version of a nice bedtime story.  When I found out I was having hip surgery, I started making a list of all the nonfiction books I’ve always been curious about.  Out of curiosity, I read The Life-Changing magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo since you can’t read any organizing tips without the book being referenced.  After being convinced by many coworkers, I decided to also pick up Girl, Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis.  Surprisingly, both books brought peace to my life that I didn’t know was missing.  Read on to find out how!

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Penelope Blue Series by Tamara Morgan


Penelope Blue Series by Tamara Morgan

The ultimate rom-com meets the ultimate heist.  Think The Proposal meets Ocean’s 8 (guess this is also a nod to Sandra Bullock’s wide variety of talent).  The series consists of three can’t-put-down books: Stealing Mr. Right, Saving Mr. Perfect, and Seeking Mr. Wrong.  The main character, Penelope Blue, is a jewel thief.  And her husband is in the FBI. Continue reading “Penelope Blue Series by Tamara Morgan”