Penelope Blue Series by Tamara Morgan


Penelope Blue Series by Tamara Morgan

The ultimate rom-com meets the ultimate heist.  Think The Proposal meets Ocean’s 8 (guess this is also a nod to Sandra Bullock’s wide variety of talent).  The series consists of three can’t-put-down books: Stealing Mr. Right, Saving Mr. Perfect, and Seeking Mr. Wrong.  The main character, Penelope Blue, is a jewel thief.  And her husband is in the FBI.

I had barely made a dent in the first book and already felt like this story would make the perfect rom-com-action movie. It’s everything you want in a chick flick: fast-paced, flirtatious bantering, and a rollercoaster of chemistry. But it also has a badass side: it’s a heist, there’s plenty of action and risk, and it’s insanely suspenseful with so many twists.  I like to think I’m pretty decent at guessing outcomes, sometimes I’m right, sometimes I’m wrong.  But Tamara Morgan weaves a story that is always taking the reader on turns they don’t suspect.  And it’s amazing.

Stealing Mr. Right

Book 1 – Stealing Mr. Right

The series starts off so unique.  It’s not like any other storyline I’ve read and I really appreciated the breath of fresh air!  The chapters in this one alternate between the past (before Penelope and Grant are married) and the present (married for a year).  The story unfolds at the rate Morgan wants to reveal things to the reader.  Stealing Mr. Right constantly leaves you wondering if he knows she’s a thief and also if he knows she knows he knows.  Talk about suspense!  Click for Amazon/Kindle or Barnes & Noble.

Saving Mr. Perfect

Book 2 – Saving Mr. Perfect

Now that their storyline is more established, this book alternates between Penelope and Grant.  All of the characters are well established in all three books but I really enjoyed Grant getting more of a narrative.  Getting inside his head as his wife is figuring out what to do with herself now that she has given up crime was intriguing.  Especially since crimes are committed that look like Penelope’s work.  It’s a good game of trust and also how far each of them will go for their spouse.  With some epic turn of events, of course.  Click for Amazon/Kindle or Barnes & Noble.

Seeking Mr. Wrong

Book 3 – Seeking Mr. Wrong

I don’t know if this is my favorite because it’s the most recent I read, or if it’s really just that good.  This time the story is all narrated by Penelope in present time.  She and Grant team up on an FBI mission on a cruise ship (The Shady Lady) full of big time thieves.  I found when I wasn’t reading the book, I was constantly thinking about it, trying to guess who was who and how the story would end.  It definitely did not end in a way I could have anticipated.  I was so shocked and excited, I constantly was saying out loud “Oh my gosh! No! He wouldn’t do that! I can’t believe it!”  This book didn’t have as much rom-com as the previous two but I think the storyline completely makes up for that.  Click for Amazon/Kindle or Barnes & Noble.

If you need any new books to read, I recommend giving the Penelope Blue series a shot.  They each could be read as standalone as well but the storyline across all three is really unique.  Happy reading!

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