Mask Necklace Holder – Multiple Ideas

Well it seems masks are here to stay for awhile.  And there’s nothing better than taking it off the minute you walk outside. But I’ve had some close calls dropping mine.  Fumbling with removing a mask and putting sunglasses on, often while holding a bag and keys.  It’s not ideal that’s for sure.  If only there was a holder to keep the mask handy when not wearing it.  Enter the mask necklace holder!

Mask Necklace Holder

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Layered Necklaces Clasp and Simple DIY Necklaces

There are so many different things I want to cover in this post!  First, a few months ago I was playing around with my jewelry making supplies and created a simple pattern using basic jewelry findings.  Shortly after, a coworker had just purchased some necklaces to wear together for that new layered look trend.  I then started thinking how I could take my jump ring pattern and create a look of layered necklaces with it.  Here is how I made my own clasp so they don’t get tangled, as well as how I made the simple pattern.

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DIY Pom Pom Earrings

Remember when I made earrings inspired by Joanna Gaines?  Well there is a new girl on HGTV that has inspired me to make the perfect winter earrings!  Heather Fox of the show Stay or Sell had multiple pairs.  I lost count at how many different ones she had when their series premiered at the end of the summer.  But they are so easy to make we all could have multiple pairs!  I opted for white pom pom earrings this time.  A little like a snow ball and a lot of contrast with my dark hair.  Make yourself a pair or two and then make some for gifts!  I got a lot of compliments when I wore mine to work a couple weeks ago.  So on to the tutorial…

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Hair Barrette DIY

I don’t wear red.  People who know my mother probably wouldn’t think we are related with that fact.  She loves red.  And consequently, always has something to wear for most holidays.  I struggle at Christmas, Memorial Day, and the Fourth of July with what to wear.  Well not anymore!  This Fourth of July, I am ready.  I already have lots of blue and white to wear so a gorgeous red hair barrette DIY was a great solution.  It was super easy.  And by sticking to one color, it will work for any occasion that involves red.

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Two DIY Necklaces

Some people appreciate a handmade gift.  Some people appreciate jewelry.  And if you can satisfy both then that’s a win-win.  I did that – twice.  I made two different styles of DIY necklaces for Christmas gifts. One is so simple, no craft skills required.  The other is great if you have a bead and wire background or if you just have the courage to try!

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