Free Bird Door Decor (and DIY Decorative Bird Cage)

This is definitely most whimsical DIY yet.  But it has so much meaning behind it.  Back in April, as we were approaching a full month staying home, I felt compelled to make something for when we were free again.  Free bird door decor.  Things definitely are not back to normal but as most states are opening up, I figured now was the time to share.

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DIY Pom Pom Earrings

Remember when I made earrings inspired by Joanna Gaines?  Well there is a new girl on HGTV that has inspired me to make the perfect winter earrings!  Heather Fox of the show Stay or Sell had multiple pairs.  I lost count at how many different ones she had when their series premiered at the end of the summer.  But they are so easy to make we all could have multiple pairs!  I opted for white pom pom earrings this time.  A little like a snow ball and a lot of contrast with my dark hair.  Make yourself a pair or two and then make some for gifts!  I got a lot of compliments when I wore mine to work a couple weeks ago.  So on to the tutorial…

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