Free Bird Door Decor (and DIY Decorative Bird Cage)

This is definitely most whimsical DIY yet.  But it has so much meaning behind it.  Back in April, as we were approaching a full month staying home, I felt compelled to make something for when we were free again.  Free bird door decor.  Things definitely are not back to normal but as most states are opening up, I figured now was the time to share.

Free Bird Door Decor

The first few weeks at home were hard.  The news about Italy was heartbreaking but honestly watching email after email from businesses deciding to close their doors (temporarily) really hit home to me.    Like everyone else, I was stressed from the unknowns.  Being creative has always been a rejuvenating outlet for me.  But I had zero creative ideas for weeks.

I sat down one night and decided I needed to make something.  Something to show our regained freedom when we could leave our homes again.  And the only thing that came to mind was the words “free bird.”  Thus starting this door décor.

Free Bird Door Decor

Originally I wanted a decorative bird cage and a bird from the floral department from the craft stores.  But thanks to the current times, getting those items in stock and the right sizing was not so easy.  I was about to give up on it when I decided to play around with some pipe cleaners.  And from that, a much more whimsical version emerged.


11 pipe cleaners

Wire cutters


Sewing needle and thread

To make the bird cage

Start by taking two of the pipe cleaners and form each into a circle.  Next, take 5 pipe cleaners and fold them into a U shape.  Wrap the flat base of the U around one of the circles.  Continue wrapping all 5 leaving a gap for the door.  Take the ends and attach to the other circle to create a complete cylindar.

DIY Decorative Bird Cage

Using another pipe cleaner, form a rectangle to fit as the door.  Create bars with a second pipe cleaner and use the tail of that to attach to one of the bars on the first piece.

DIY Decorative Bird Cage

Lastly, cut two pipe cleaners in half.  Arch three of them across the top of the bird cage and attach to the top circle.  I used the last half to attach the birdcage to the “sun” I made out of a mini wreath form.

DIY Decorative Bird Cage

To make the free bird

I searched “felt bird diy” on Pinterest and came across this pattern.  I simply took a screenshot of the pattern pieces and after some trial and error, I had it printed to the size I wanted.  I then followed the steps shown but decided to not make legs.  Though the birds are pretty cute with legs!

I hot glued the bird to my “sun.”  It is a little lighter than the bird cage so when I hung the whole piece up (using fishing line) it was a little lopsided.  Thankfully I have a clever husband who told me to tape some coins to the back to even out the weight.  All it took was a quarter borrowed from our Adventure Fund and some painters tape to level things out.

Hopefully we all will start feeling more like free birds in the coming weeks and months.  Then I might need that quarter back to actually go on a real adventure outside of our city limits!  I hope this little whimsy brings you hope and joy.  This would be a great project to make with kids to celebrate the survival of a very weird time in our history.

Stay well.

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