How I Easily Got Longer Lashes

My name is Leah and I suffer from short eyelashes.  Like insanely short.  As in my top lashes are as long as my bottom lashes.  But in the last few months I’ve changed all that.  I have long lashes and I didn’t need a prescription to get it!  For the past three months I have been using GrandeLash-MD Lash Enhancing Serum and I am completely blown away that it actually works.

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Natural Beauty Products I’m Loving

Natural Beauty Products I'm Loving

Amidst everything going on, it feels a bit trivial to be writing about beauty products.  But maybe you’re in the same boat as me and want to feel sort of put together while at home.  If that’s the case, I have three products I’ve been using for a few months now that have seriously impressed me.  Plus, they all have great ratings with the Environmental Working Group!  Read on for my new favorite natural beauty products. Continue reading “Natural Beauty Products I’m Loving”

Products for Thin and/or Thinning Hair

Do you have thin or thinning hair?  Are you struggling to find products to “fix” your thin hair?  Let me tell ya, I know exactly how you feel!  Between the iron issues, and other health things, my hair is nothing like it used to be.  Growing up it was a pretty decent medium-thick with some wiry strands.  Now, each strand is super fine and just hangs there.  I also went through a spell where I was definitely losing more than 100 strands a day (100 is normal, by the way).  Here are the products I swear by to help with hair loss and give thin hair a little more oomph!

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An Essential Drawer for Essential Oils

By now it should come as no surprise that I use essential oils for lots of things in my life.  Like hand soap, body wash, laundry, allergy fighter…  You get the idea.  So naturally, I have quite a few bottles of the stuff.  I had been using some nice wood boxes for storing oils but they just weren’t working for my daily use.  But now I have the perfect essential oil organizer for us!

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How Vitamin C Serum Changed My Life

Hi, my name is Leah and I suffer from dry skin.  So dry, I have been applying moisturizer to my face multiple times a day this month.  And I don’t just mean multiple as in once in the morning and once in the evening.  Oh no, Monday I was home due to a blizzard and I think I applied moisturizer 5 times before noon!  Funny thing is, I stumbled on the miracle product that fixed all this dryness back in November.  And then I ran out of it.  And then my Amazon order got cancelled.  Well good news!  My second Amazon order delivered yesterday and my poor dry face has been feeling so much better since!

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