Products for Thin and/or Thinning Hair

Do you have thin or thinning hair?  Are you struggling to find products to “fix” your thin hair?  Let me tell ya, I know exactly how you feel!  Between the iron issues, and other health things, my hair is nothing like it used to be.  Growing up it was a pretty decent medium-thick with some wiry strands.  Now, each strand is super fine and just hangs there.  I also went through a spell where I was definitely losing more than 100 strands a day (100 is normal, by the way).  Here are the products I swear by to help with hair loss and give thin hair a little more oomph!

Products for Thin Hair

I have done so much research on this and have found no one with hair similar to mine.  So this post will be extra descriptive in hopes it helps others with similar hair types!  Like I said before, my strands are very fine.  They are naturally pretty straight too.  I still have a lot of them so my ponytail isn’t as tiny as some people, but it’s definitely not as full as it used to be.  My hair has always been pretty healthy, it takes heat well and is hard to damage.  That said, it is so slippery!  Not in a greasy way, just in a way that makes curling it very difficult and braids slide right out.  It even has trouble staying in a French braid when I braid it wet and use gel!  My scalp is somewhat dry (dry skin over here!) but my hair is not.  I had always used moisturizing shampoos but since the texture has changed, I feel that it weighs it down too much.  But the shampoos for fine hair, volume, etc, all leave my hair dull and dry my scalp even more.

Still with me?  On to the products!

Products for Thin Hair

Pura d’or Shampoo

First up is this shampoo.  All credit goes to my husband on this one.  He has been paranoid about going bald well before I met him and has been using this shampoo for years.  I first tried it myself last January after trying countless shampoos.  I had felt like I was losing more hair in the shower than usual for about a year.  The first time using this shampoo, I hardly had any hair on my hands. I’ve been a believer ever since!  Most reviewers on Amazon say it takes longer than the first use to notice a reduction in hair loss.  Not sure why it worked right away.  I’ve also noticed when I don’t use this shampoo (like traveling), after a few washes I start to have more hair loss in the shower again.

What’s unique is that this shampoo is clear.  Clear shampoo typically is too drying for my scalp but I have not had issues with this at all.  I often wash my hair daily (because it’s so flat otherwise) but I also don’t have any issues with skipping a wash and using dry shampoo.  (I share my favorite dry shampoo in this post.)  It doesn’t strip my natural oils and make my hair greasy.  Best of both worlds!

Pura d’or Conditioner

Next up is the conditioner.  We actually didn’t try this until last spring but it is way better than any conditioner I’ve ever used.  It’s moisturizing but also so lightweight.  And I’ve tried lightweight conditioner for fine, thin hair before.  Those other conditioners have nothing on this one.  It also smells amazing!  Even when my hair was thicker, I didn’t condition every day because it felt too heavy.  This one I can use every time I wash my hair and it never feels like too much!

Products for Thin Hair

Aveda Texture Tonic

Last up is this Texture Tonic from Aveda.  My hairdresser calls it sea salt but let me stop you before you think “beach waves.”  Sure, you can spray sea salt type products on wet hair and do that whole scrunch thing if you have waves to begin with.  But you can also use this product for styling your hair other ways!  I spray it at my roots and the first few inches down the hair shaft (less is more) when my hair is wet.  I then blow dry as usual (half fingers, half round brush to smooth problem sections) with my head upside down.  When I pop my head up, I have more volume than any volumizing root mousse has ever provided!  It changes the texture of my hair ever so slightly – it doesn’t feel so slippery but it also doesn’t feel dirty.  I also noticed my hair was less prone to going extra flat when it was humid last summer.  If humidity flattens your hair, you know how miraculous that is!

And there you have it.  I struggled so much finding products that worked over the last few years and it was such a relief to get rid of so many bottles of shampoo in our shower!  Does sharing shampoo and conditioner with my husband make us minimalists?  Maybe just a little? 😉

May every day be a good hair day!

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