Gift Guide for the Essential Oil Lover

Gift Guide for the Essential Oil Lover

I’m not new to buying gifts for an essential oil lover.  With essential oils becoming more and more popular, chances are you know someone who this gift guide would be perfect for!

Gift Guide for the Essential Oil LoverRecipe Book

This My Essential Oil Recipes book is a must have for any oiler.  I’ve gifted it both to my mom and my mother-in-law and they both love it.  Pinterest can be a great source for finding recipes but often a person will pin multiple variations.  This book is where one can write down their favorite recipe for easy reference.  It even has a place to fill in the table of contents so they always know which page they need!

Gift Guide for the Essential Oil Lover
Wood Grain 400ml                  |            Glass Marble 100ml        |        USB in champagne, black, or white


Honestly, I don’t think you can ever have too many diffusers.  I say one for every room of the house!  And there are so many more styles to choose from than what I have here, it will fit any decor.  And don’t forget a cute little USB one that works in the car or in the office.  I have the one pictured on the right and I take it with me pretty much everywhere!  Favorite stores for diffusers:  Amazon, Plant Therapy, Bed Bath and Beyond, Target and Walmart.

Gift Guide for the Essential Oil Lover

Lemon, Lavender, and Peppermint Essential Oils

This trio contains the most common used essential oils.  Whether the person you’re shopping for is just getting into oils or is a longtime oiler, this is great gift.  Basically, start with these three oils and then always, always, always have them well stocked!

Gift Guide for the Essential Oil Lover


The more oils I get, the more of a storage issue I have.  These soft cases from Amazon are great to hold all the bottles. If that’s not your oilers style, try a wood box too.  I have a wood one and it has worked perfect for me.

Gift Guide for the Essential Oil Lover


We oilers are constantly making things and it quickly becomes confusing which roller ball is which.  Or what body wash is what scent.  These labels are waterproof and come in the various sizes your oiler would ever need to label anything they need to label.

These are all items I have or wish I had for my own essential oil arsenal.  Hopefully these ideas help you with your holiday shopping!  Or give you ideas for your own wishlist.  Happy shopping!

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