DIY Woven Two-Toned Chain Bracelet

Two-Toned chain bracelet

Sometime over the summer my mom expressed interest in a two toned bracelet.  Something I was interested in making!  I didn’t want to just swap a silver strand for a gold one on the braided chain bracelet I made earlier this year.  We checked out different chains and decided to weave a gold snake chain through a double chain. Continue reading “DIY Woven Two-Toned Chain Bracelet”

DIY Jewelry Tray

Last week was my mom’s birthday and she and my dad came to visit.  We decided to have a craft day on Saturday and it was so fun!  We each had our own projects to work on but it was nice to just visit and have some creative outlets.  I had had this DIY jewelry tray idea for awhile and it was the perfect short little project to work on while visiting with my parents.  AKA, it was super easy and didn’t take hardly any work!

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DIY Potato Bead Keychain

Did you ever make potato beads as a kid?  I remember waiting so patiently for the potato beads to dry to make something out of them.  Recently I had the urge to see if potato beads could work in adulthood too.  I also was in need of a keychain.  I have the worst luck with purchased keychains and the one from the dealer was going to break off any day so naturally I decided to make a potato bead keychain!

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Simple Pearl Drop Earrings DIY

Years ago I had made some simple pearl drop earrings.  The pearl beads weren’t real and over the past month I noticed the finish wearing off.  Since they were so easy to make, I got some more pearl beads and made another pair.  These literally take only a few minutes to make and are great for jewelry making newbies.  They’re such an elegant addition to any outfit and could also make a great gift!

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How to Prevent Drooping Earring Syndrome

I’ve never been a huge fan of stud earrings.  Part of the reason is because they are either so tiny that they aren’t noticeable, or they give you drooping earring syndrome.  You know drooping earring syndrome? Maybe you’ve seen it on your grandma, or her friends, or the blue haired gals at church.  They wear big stud earrings and gravity pulls them down at an awkward angle.  Well, last week I caught part of an infomercial that had a solution to drooping earring syndrome.  And my life has now been changed forever.

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DIY Braided Chain Bracelet

I can’t believe I’ve had this blog for a year now and have never shared any DIY jewelry.  In high school and college I took multiple classes on jewelry making.  I did a lot of lost wax casting as well as soldering.  But until I can convince someone to convert our shed into a studio with a gas line for a blow torch, I’ll just stick to simpler jewelry DIYs these days.  Like this DIY braided chain bracelet.  I’ve been in need of a nice silver, every day bracelet so I made one.

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