Mask Necklace Holder – Multiple Ideas

Well it seems masks are here to stay for awhile.  And there’s nothing better than taking it off the minute you walk outside. But I’ve had some close calls dropping mine.  Fumbling with removing a mask and putting sunglasses on, often while holding a bag and keys.  It’s not ideal that’s for sure.  If only there was a holder to keep the mask handy when not wearing it.  Enter the mask necklace holder!

Mask Necklace Holder

What is a mask necklace holder?  It’s just like the chains your grandma wore to keep her reading glasses nearby but you can hook it to your mask!  I first saw this in an ad online. But they were priced at over $100!  I have so many ideas on how you can make your own for only a few bucks.

I’ve made a few in lengths of 17 and 30 inches.  The shorter one feels a bit like a bib from the dentist but it’s a little more useful than the longer one.  Play around with whatever length works for you.  You’ll need lobster clasps for both ends of your mask necklace holder.  Depending on what material you use, you may also need jump rings and cord crimps.


The craft stores are full of chains!  There are so many styles to match your mask or outfit.  I’ve made a simple but somewhat chunky, gray-navy one and a more glam longer one.

Mask Necklace Holder

Suede cording

A plain cord is probably one of the better options for the man in your life.  But you can also add interest with some beads and spacers.  I made this one with a cord and crimp covers spaced every two inches.


This is for all the knitters and crocheters.  Pick some pretty yarn and make a chain!

Friendship bracelet style

Remember all those different knots and braids we’d make into friendship bracelets?  Teach your daughter or niece to make one for their masks!

Ribbon and trims

You can also hit up the ribbon and trim section at a craft store and use those to make mask necklace holders too.

Mask Necklace Holder
Me modeling the 30″ mask necklace.

Bonus, all these necklaces are also ready for the layered necklace clasp.

One thought on “Mask Necklace Holder – Multiple Ideas

  1. This is the best idea ever!! I’m going to knit an I-cord for sure but might want a chain (or 2) as well! Very smart!!

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