DIY Suede Earrings

Need some earrings to match your Easter dress?  Or just want some that remind you of Joanna Gaines?  Here is a super easy suede earrings DIY.

DIY Suede Earrings

It took off because Joanna Gaines wore them on Fixer Upper and now leather leaf and tear shaped earrings are everywhere.  As much as I love the look, it’s too much for my style.  I’m not minimalist by any means, but I just can’t do the bold earrings.  I feel weird.  Still liking that boho vibe, I figured a way to make them a bit more subtle.

DIY Suede Earrings


Suede cording

2 jump rings

Pair of earring hooks

Heavy duty needle (as thick as the jump ring wire is)

When I had made my keychain last year, I bought a whole pack of different colored suede cording.  I used the gray suede to make these earrings.

The cording was a little wrinkly from being wrapped up in packaging but ironing it with my hair straightener worked like a charm!

DIY Suede Earrings

Earring Assembly

After I got the cord straightened I cut it into two 5 inch strips.  I think 5 inches is actually the perfect size, but it felt too big to me when I put it on so I remade them at 4 inches long.  I recommend making them a length somewhere between depending on your level of boldness and if you are used to long earrings.

DIY Suede Earrings

Once they were cut (and recut), I used a heavy duty needle to poke holes in the ends.  The heavy duty needle is best if it is as thick as the jump rings so the jump rings can slide through the holes.  I won’t lie, it is fairly easy to stab yourself with a needle during this process and it will take pushing the needle in both directions through the hole.  I do plan to try a nail and hammer for this process but I’m still on crutches so feel free to try that yourself.

DIY Suede Earrings

Once you can get the jump ring through, attach the earring hook and close the jump ring back up.  Repeat on the other cord and you’re done!

The great thing about these is that the cords come in so many colors.  So you really can make a pair in every color!

DIY Suede Earrings

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