DIY Sunglasses Holder

I think I jinxed it.  I made this great DIY sunglasses holder and since then all we’ve gotten is rain and snow.  Then again, that means I’m not wearing my sunglasses so I guess it works out they have such a nice place to hang.

DIY Sunglasses Holder

Up until a few months ago, I only owned one pair so I never needed storage options.  Since then, I’ve gotten a couple and Landon has always had multiples and they just keep cluttering our kitchen counter.  With the whole laundry room makeover we recently did, I figured I could make something for sunglasses storage to go in there!

DIY Sunglasses Holder
Yes, sunglasses, denim jacket, and winter hats in the baskets. It’s spring!


Wood plaque – I got mine at Hobby Lobby and they have many styles for whatever fits your taste!

Drawer pulls (feel free to use multiple sunglasses to test the hanging out at the stores)

Sawtooth hangers

Paint or stain depending on the look your after

DIY Sunglasses Holder
Just testing some drawer pulls at Home Depot. And yes, a worker asked if I needed help while our shades were just hanging there!


First, start by painting (or staining) the wood plaque.  I was having such a hard time getting the edges until I popped it on some empty La Croix cans.  The grass keeps them from rolling so it’s actually very stable!  And recyclable!

DIY Sunglasses Holder

Once the plaque is painted, I measured out the spacing of the drawer pulls.  I kept them both equal distance from the edge while making sure the space between was enough hanging room for sunglasses.  After it was measured, Landon helped me drill holes.

DIY Sunglasses Holder

Once the holes are drilled for the drawer pulls, do NOT install the drawer pulls yet.  Instead, flip it over and attach the sawtooth hanger to the back while the front is still flat.  I actually was smart enough to plan this before making that mistake so I guess I conquered this project lol.

DIY Sunglasses Holder
Apparently I decided to hang it upside down according to the tag. This was after installing the drawer pulls AFTER attaching the sawtooth hanger up top 🙂

After the hanger is on, now it’s safe to install the drawer pulls.  And after that all that’s left is to hang it up and then hang your sunnies on it! 😎

DIY Sunglasses Holder
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