Braided Felt Garland

Who says garland is only for Christmas?  Lately I’ve felt like sprucing up a few spots in my home and decided a felt garland would do just that.  So I made this super easy braided felt garland.  It’s quick, easy, versatile, and can fit any home.  It also would be a great project for a beginner sewer – it’s all straight lines but doesn’t need to be perfect to still look good!

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Anthropologie Inspired Ceiling Fan Update

I grew up watching Trading Spaces.  My mom and I would tune in every week to see what sort of crazy decorating would happen.  Would they glue more straw on someone’s wall?  What about flowers on every inch of a bathroom?  Or maybe just some sand instead of real flooring?  But one thing that was consistent was that every designer hated ceiling fans.  And my mom would always ask how anyone could live without one.  Well, I definitely am on team ceiling fan.  Especially in a bedroom.  But when we were picking one out for our master, I wanted something…unique.  So I made a piece to spice ours up.  An Anthropologie inspired ceiling fan update.

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Basement Bathroom Mood Board

We are so close to getting our basement bathroom finished!  We’ve ordered the tub and the vanity and have gotten quotes for flooring!  Still quite a bit of work to do but after having the flooring samples for a week, I had to create a mood board to see how it all would come together.  I’ve never really made a mood board – unless you count the built-in layout I did for our laundry room last year.  It was so fun though that I am working on making one for other rooms in the basement too.  For now, come and check out my basement bathroom mood board!

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DIY Headboard Slipcover

Do you have a room in your house that is full of mismatched furniture?  Our guest room has been a room of hand-me-down furniture.  It’s all in great condition but between the wood tones on the floor, the dressers, and the headboard, it was too much variation for me!  We have matching twin beds to the dressers so we don’t want to paint over them.  And the floor isn’t going to change anytime soon, so updating the headboard was the next best thing!  Here is how I made a DIY headboard slipcover.

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DIY Ottoman

I love when the opportunity comes up to make something that I can’t find in stores.  This is exactly what happened when I decided I wanted an ottoman for a reading nook in my office.  I had an old chair that rocked and swiveled and didn’t look like a nursery chair.  But it’s old, like 30+ years old, and that made it short.  Any cute ottoman found at Target or Home Goods would have my knees higher than my chest and that just seemed a tad uncomfortable.  I’ve always looked longingly at the different furniture legs at Home Depot and I knew just the project I’d use them for; my own DIY ottoman.

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