Deck and Landscaping Rock Reveal

It’s time!  It’s time to reveal our deck addition and landscaping rock.  This was actually a summer project that has been done for a month.  But, the yard got a little torn up so I wanted to wait until the grass grew back.  Be ready for lots of pictures!

The Deck Addition

We decided to put a deck on our house when we built it.  I desperately wanted stairs – because how else do you get to the backyard?  But Landon wasn’t so keen on them.  In fact, many homes around here have walkouts with decks that might as well be balconies since you can’t get down.  Not one to follow the crowd, I convinced Landon we needed stairs before we could landscape.

Deck and Landscaping Rock Reveal
Before and After

The second part was what to do with the basement patio door.  We sort of always planned on a cement patio.  But picturing it in my head never looked right to me.  I will give full credit where it is due – my father-in-law suggested a lower deck last year and all the stars magically aligned!  It instantly made sense and as one to have never had a patio, I really prefer the wood look.

Deck and Landscaping Rock Reveal

The Landscaping Rock

Since we wanted to put rock under the upper deck and around the lower deck, we had to get the deck and stairs built first.  We planned on this summer being the year but we weren’t entirely sure we would even get to the rock this year. And then I finally found rock I liked.  And it was about $120 PER yard cheaper than the other options we were considering that I really didn’t want.  It’s so nice when things work out this way!

Deck and Landscaping Rock Reveal
Some day a hot tub will be here!

We had the same builders who built our house do the deck project.  And then we started on the rock.  One of the last days before my second hip surgery was spent spray painting the pavers line around our house.  Landon and his dad rented a trencher from the local hardware store and dug it all in less than 4 hours – including around our well and our shed.

Digging the trenches

I got a lot of steps in that day on crutches going back and forth between the upper deck and our front porch.  But it was exciting!

Deck and Landscaping Rock Reveal
Just moving 17 yards of rock!
Deck and Landscaping Rock Reveal
The first load of rock that I could see on my crutches. It was so exciting!

Next year we will add plants.  I don’t have it all figured out but hydrangeas have always been on the agenda.  We hope to plant some trees in the yard as well!

A couple more pictures…

View from the front and our shed in the back.
Deck and Landscaping Rock Reveal
View from the back. The stairs add so much more dimension!

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