Fall Leaf Wreath & DIY Coffee Stain

So what if it’s been 80 degrees this week and feels more like July than September?  I’ve got all things fall on my mind and am dressing my house to represent that.  Starting with our front door.  I made this easy fall leaf wreath and even made my own DIY coffee stain for the wood sign.  And this wreath will transition through all the fall events – read on to see how!

Fall wreath leaf and DIY coffee stain

Fall Leaf Wreath

Supplies needed

Wire wreath form

Duct tape or painters tape

Silk fall leaves

Spray paint that blends in with the leaves (I used gold)

Glue gun

Gather sign

Fall wreath leaf and DIY coffee stain


I actually had the idea to make this wreath right after I made my Easter one this past spring.  So the concept is the same!  Start by wrapping tape around the wire wreath form, leaving a small gap for a hook to hang later.  I used orange duct tape but quickly ran out and switched to painters tape.  I then spray painted it all gold to be less noticeable behind the leaves.

Fall wreath leaf

Next, hot glue the leaves to the wreath.  I played around with placement for awhile before I figured out a pattern with the big leaves.  After those were all glued, I then used the small ones to fill in thin spots.

Fall wreath leaf

DIY Coffee Stain

Supplies needed

1/4 cup instant coffee

1/2 cup hot water

Mason jar or some other heat resistant container

Foam paint brush

Gather sign (or your choice of wood)

DIY coffee stain


I knew I wanted the gather sign to be a nice warm brown color but the only stain I had was too dark.  I attempted a coffee stain years ago (2012 maybe?) and it never darkened.  So this time I made it strong.  Super strong!  Start by filling the mason jar with water and microwave a minute or so until hot.  Then add in the instant coffee and stir.  I let it cool before I used it.  I first tested it on the back side of the sign and decided on two coats.  Above you can see how dark one coat looks.  After I got the color I wanted, I did spray a clear coat over it but I don’t know if that is necessary.

Fall wreath leaf and DIY coffee stain
Here you can see a sneak peak of our landscape rock!

This might be my favorite wreath yet!  The leaf wreath will work for the next 3 months and I even have 3 looks for it.  The leaves work on their own, the gather sign will be great closer to Thanksgiving, and when I put up our football door decor, I found it added a little more fall-ness!

Fall wreath leaf and DIY coffee stain

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