Oh My Pumpkin! Fall Decor

Happy fall y’all!  I’ve always wanted to say that but not being from the south, “y’all” just feels weird to say out loud.  Anyway, I have pumpkin muffins in the oven and am rocking a flannel shirt today.  Crisp, fall weather has arrived and I am totally here for it!  My house is ready too!  I spent an evening arranging pumpkins and rearranging pumpkins and I’m pretty happy with how this year’s fall decor turned out.

First, does anyone else feel the urge to decorate for the season/holidays more than normal?  I’m not necessarily feeling like going over the top with decorations, but after being home the past 6 months, I am so ready for some changes in my decor.  And if putting up pumpkins and then Christmas stuff feels like this year is coming to an end sooner, then by all means!  Let’s decorate!

On to the pumpkins.

Remember last year when I painted a bunch of dollar store pumpkins?  Yeah, I found a nice little home for them in our big cubicle shelves.  I’d been wanting to expand our bar cart space and make this area more of a hutch than before.  Plus, those cookbooks were not getting touched.  So naturally, I replaced them with pumpkins and wine glasses.  Oh, and I also got this great string art from one of Landon’s coworkers.  It’s teal and has pumpkins.  It just feels like we belong together.

Next up is the fireplace.

Honestly, the best part about a fireplace besides the warmth in cold months, is being able to decorate the mantel.  But Landon and I have very different ideas for mantel decor so this space is always such a challenge for me.  He’s not really thrilled I clustered things more towards the center, but I’m not really thrilled with the deer.  After almost 5 years of marriage, I’d say that’s a good compromise. 🙂  Anyway, the giant bowl was moved from the shelves to make room for pumpkins.  And the lantern with the metallic pumpkin and gourds vase filler and the big eucalyptus vases are from years past.

New florals too!

Something new this year isn’t actually a pumpkin at all.  It’s this beautiful fall floral arrangement on our sofa table.  The colors were perfect for my fall decorating color scheme.  You’d never believe it’s made from two pieces from Walmart’s floral department.  Even the beautiful white vase is from Walmart!  And it took all of 5 minutes to put together.

Could only find the link for the navy and cream bouquet.

Now, I need to go taste test those pumpkin muffins but just for kicks I’ll say it one more time – Happy fall y’all!


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