October 2020 Updates

We have been so blessed with such amazing fall weather this week!  And fall peak is this weekend so everything is looking so vibrant.  I’m reminded how much I love Octobers.  Here’s what’s new for us this season.

October 2020 Updates


A couple Saturdays ago, we didn’t have anything planned and decided to enjoy our coffee on our deck.  It was a beautiful morning and less than 2 hours later we found ourselves loading up 7 trees to take home and plant.  We planted an October Glory Maple in our front yard, two little Autumn Blaze Maples, and four apple trees.  In a couple years we should have shade and an abundance of honey crips and gala apples!

We had to fence the apple trees so the deer don’t get them. Can you see the little maple in front? It’s the size of our 4 year old niece!

Wedding Anniversary

Our 5 year anniversary is coming up next weekend.  This weekend we are doing a photoshoot and I’m so excited!  We never did engagement photos so I’m excited to have professional ones of us that don’t include a wedding dress.  We also have some shots planned with attire for our rivaling teams.  It’s going to be so good!  For our actual anniversary weekend, we thought about going away.  But with the rising cases, we’ll probably just stay home and grab a tee time at our home course.

October 2020 Updates

Glow Ball

Speaking of golf, Landon ordered some glow balls from Amazon so we can still play after it gets dark.  It’s been so fun to use them on our last couple holes before calling it a night.  Only downfall is the pin doesn’t glow so chipping and putting take a lot more effort.  I found my depth perception isn’t so great – haha!

I ordered the study and sweatshirt!

Advent Study

I know, this post is in October and I’m sharing fall related things.  But through October 16th, Well Watered Women has their pre-order open for this year’s advent study, Savor the Savior.  I purchased their advent study last year and was blown away by it.  I pretty much stalked them all through September waiting for their pre-order dates to be shared.  Yes, December is a busy month so it might seem crazy to add a daily bible study to your list of to-do’s.  But I found it helped me prioritize what actually matters and really reminded me what the season is about.  If you are looking for a study, I highly recommend checking them out!

That’s all for now!

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