Mask Necklace Holder – Multiple Ideas

Well it seems masks are here to stay for awhile.  And there’s nothing better than taking it off the minute you walk outside. But I’ve had some close calls dropping mine.  Fumbling with removing a mask and putting sunglasses on, often while holding a bag and keys.  It’s not ideal that’s for sure.  If only there was a holder to keep the mask handy when not wearing it.  Enter the mask necklace holder!

Mask Necklace Holder

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Treadmill Table 2.0

What is it about treadmills that make them so unappealing on the eyes?  Don’t get me wrong, they are an amazing machine but they don’t really go with any decor.  Well, except maybe a gym’s decor.  Not the point.  A few years ago I got an old treadmill for free.  And I mean old.  It doesn’t even have a cup holder or a place to put a book so it certainly can’t hold a phone.  So we made a table for it.  But it’s time for a table upgrade.  Hence, treadmill table 2.o.

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How to Paint Stairs to Look Like Wood

This has to be one of my most exciting projects to date!  Our stairs to our basement have been unfinished, just like our basement has been.  The problem was that our stairs have an open railing and are fully visible from our main floor.  No matter how much our great room came together decor-wise, it always felt a little unfinished because of the stairs.  A couple years ago I had the idea to try painting them to look like wood just as a temporary fix.  Unfortunately, around that time was when my hip pain flared up so sitting on stairs to paint them was out of the question.  But this year I am fully recovered and what better time to paint that during quarantine!  Here is how I painted our stairs to look like wood.

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DIY Reusable Produce Bags

With all the uncertainty in the world right now, I debated if I should still post this tutorial.  But then I noticed Joann’s and Hobby Lobby are still open and shipping online orders.  And then I realized that even if we are staying home more, we still are getting groceries.  Plus, with wanting to keep social distancing at the store, maybe having access to our own reusable produce bags right now is the exact thing to share.  So here is how to DIY reusable produce bags and have a welcome distraction from all the crazy happening right now.

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Layered Necklaces Clasp and Simple DIY Necklaces

There are so many different things I want to cover in this post!  First, a few months ago I was playing around with my jewelry making supplies and created a simple pattern using basic jewelry findings.  Shortly after, a coworker had just purchased some necklaces to wear together for that new layered look trend.  I then started thinking how I could take my jump ring pattern and create a look of layered necklaces with it.  Here is how I made my own clasp so they don’t get tangled, as well as how I made the simple pattern.

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DIY Tissue Holder

You know that saying that your crazy is showing?  I feel like my old lady is showing with this DIY.  But cold season is still present and allergies are right around the corner.  Who doesn’t need some tissues on hand?  Have you ever purchased those little plastic packs of tissues?  They always just seem so wasteful when chances are you have a perfectly good box full of them.  But then have you ever had tissues in your purse or pocket and they don’t seem so sanitary when you need to use one?  I decided to make my own DIY tissue holder that can be refilled as often as needed.  Keeps the tissues clean in your purse and it’s quiet so no one will here you reaching for one!

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