DIY Mirror

DIY Mirror
DIY Mirror
This post should really have a second title:  “How to get Your Husband to Not Like Menards”
hallway table
Hallway table

We’ve had this table in our hallway for the past year and a half and I love it.  But I have never really known what to hang above it.  A few months ago I decided a nice big mirror would really anchor it down and help fill a very long boring wall.  There was just one little problem.  Giant mirrors are expensive and I have a lot of walls to fill with things.  So a DIY mirror was the way to go.

CB2 mirror

Back in March I was browsing CB2 and fell in love with the many pieces of this mirror.  The store had displayed 4 of them together and it was grand and eye-catching.  One wasn’t big enough for me but 4 was much to large (not to mention the price tag for multiples).  I then saw some people on Pinterest made large mirrors using many mirrors from the dollar store.  The lightbulb went off! ?

I headed to our dollar store and bought 9 mirrors all 11×14 inches.  At our local hardware store I had them cut a sheet of 1/4″ plywood to 36X45 (we planned on a 1.5 inch border around the perimeter for framing).  I started to take the mirrors out of the frames while Landon screwed in two brackets to one side of the wood and added anchors to the wall.

Frames bent back easily to remove mirrors
Frames bent back easily to remove mirrors [and yes, that’s our ceiling and light over our kitchen table :)]
After all that, we hung the wood on the wall and called it a night.  We left it there for a few days, making jokes about what the artist meant and saying we could stare at the “art” for hours.  What can I say?  We lead exciting lives. ?

Wood hung on wall
The wood has a soothing natural look, no?

After all that fun, we got back to work gluing the mirrors to the wood.  Landon used some heavy duty caulk that was leftover from some house thing or another (Locktite PL Premium Polyurethane Construction Adhesive).  I had marked sections on the wood to place the center mirror down first.  We then worked our way around that mirror gluing all 9 down.  Then we called it a night and left it on a card table in our great room for about a week.

Gluing the mirrors down
Gluing the mirrors down

We then had a “pretty nice little Saturday” (get the Old School quote?) running errands.  Remember when I said this post could also be called “How to get Your Husband to Not Like Menards”?  Well we went to Menards to pick out trim to frame the mirror.  And I probably spent a good 30 minutes trying to make up my mind.  Sure they had lots of options but nothing was just right for me.  Poor Landon was going insane following me down the same 3 aisles!  He’s a saint. ?  Anyway, I finally decided to go simple and got plain flat trim, some simple corner pieces, and black paint.

The trim
The trim

Landon cut the trim and after painting the trim and corner pieces black, we used more of that heavy duty caulk to secure it to the wood border around the mirrors.  Then all that was left was to hang it up once it was dry!

DIY mirror
The finished project!
DIY mirror
And from the other angle

The mirrors are not perfect and I suspect with time they will take on a more fun-house effect but I love it!  It really wouldn’t take long to do this project in an afternoon and it was so easy!  Plus, a project you get to work on with your husband equally is fun too. ?

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