Life Updates Summer 2020

Is it really July?!  I can’t believe how fast the past month has flown by!  We’ve celebrated 3 birthdays and Father’s Day with Landon’s family.  The one free weekend in between all that my parents came for a visit.  We hadn’t seen them since the end of February so it was so nice!  With all the gatherings, we had less free time but we still stayed busy with some landscaping.  Here’s what we’ve been doing with Summer 2020!

Life Updates 2020
Our new little tree!

We got plants!

Earlier in June we bought a bunch of the puniest, saddest looking hydrangeas and a couple evergreen trees.  One hydrangea didn’t make it so we went and bought a few more and a smoke bush.  I can’t wait to see everything grow and start filling in all that rock space we have.

Life Updates 2020

Landon’s Birthday

Landon turned 36 earlier this week.  Our niece turned 4 a week earlier so she provided her expertise when it was time to blow out the candles.

Life Updates 2020


We’ve been out on the course in the evenings when the weather has been nice.  I wasn’t allowed to golf last summer due to my hip surgeries.  It’s amazing how great it feels to do “normal” things.  And the sound of my driver hitting the ball has always sounded sweet but it sounds even sweeter this year.

Life Updates 2020
A rainbow on the when we played a few holes between storms last week.


I started quite a few smaller projects last month but have yet to finish a single one.  I’m hoping to get a few completed over the long weekend!  Stay tuned for those blog posts this month.

Basement Update

I feel like we are at a standstill.  For a while it felt like it was due to stores still not being open.  But I’m starting to realize I really can’t make more decisions on décor and accent furniture until our sofas arrive.  We ordered the most comfortable La-Z-Boys over 6 weeks ago but were told it could take up to 10 weeks to receive them.  I’m getting so anxious!

Life Updates 2020
Sneak peak of the fabric we chose!

House hunting

Not for us!  Landon’s sister is looking for her first home and we’ve gone on a handful of showings.  We’ve never bought a home so it’s been fun to see this side.  We did general the building of our home so we’ve been helping estimate how much updates will cost and things like that.

Hope you all have a safe and Happy Fourth!

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