Things I’m Currently Loving

Orange and cinnamon essential oils, thing i'm currently loving

Orange and cinnamon essential oils

Oh. Em. Gee.  If this dynamic duo doesn’t smell like warm, comforting fall to you then I don’t know what will.  I’m not sure what made me decide to mix them but it is the best!  We got this little Michigan Scentsy plug-in as a wedding gift.  While I loved the smell we received, whenever it was on it bothered Landon’s allergies.  So I poured a little water and few drops of each essential oil and viola!  A fall smelling home in no time.  The water does evaporate so depending on how long I have it on I refill it. I think coconut oil would work too but hey, water is free from our well.

things i'm currently loving

Chocolate chip pumpkin baked anything

So a little over a month ago a lady from church baked me the most wonderful chocolate chip pumpkin bread.  Now, I’m more of a peppermint than pumpkin-spice-latte kind of girl but goodness that bread was amazing! I recently made some myself and we devoured it in like 36 hours.  I decided to make it into muffins because portion control people. And easy to grab and go on the run.  What are you waiting for?  Search Pinterest for a recipe already!  No regrets.

things i'm currently loving

My husband

Okay so I actually love my husband all the time but I just want to shout out appreciation.  I have been struggling with energy for a couple months.  About a month ago I had my ferritin (iron stores) retested and they were the lowest they’ve ever been.  Landon has been so sweet and patient while I’ve been trying to become a fully functioning adult again.  And I love how he’s made me laugh when I’ve been rather down about everything.  I’m so glad God picked him for me. ❤️

This Song

Occasionally at work I’ll put YouTube on and one of my favorite channels is alexranbirdMusic.  He makes compilations of indie, pop, rock, and alternative music with artists that are not well known.  I was listening to the September one and instantly fell in love with this song by Clouds And Thorns.  It just makes you fall in love with your life.  It’s simple, easy going, and makes you feel good!




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