A Valentine Date Night

Valentine Date Night

Happy Valentines Day, lovelies!  Normally I post on Wednesday nights but since it’s Valentine’s Day this week, I’m writing on Tuesday.  While watching the Olympics.  And drinking wine.  And did you just see Shaun White kill it on his first half pipe run?  Amazing!  But I am getting a little off topic, but not really because Olympics are gold. ?? ?

Tomorrow feels like the first weeknight Landon won’t be coaching a basketball game in a month.  We don’t usually do much for Valentine’s Day but we both are making it a little more special because we haven’t seen each other much lately.  We both were out of town this past weekend.  I visited my parents and he was ice fishing in a tournament up north.  So while we did have a cute little ice skating and dinner at our favorite restaurant the weekend before that, I think I forgot what he looks like…

Just kidding!  How can you forget a stud like that? ?

Landon still has basketball practice tomorrow so unless we want to eat really late, I’m in charge of dinner.  I think I planned a pretty nice meal for grocery shopping without a list. ??

Here’s the menu:

This 3 Ingredient Creamy Tomato Shells pasta recipe.  Since I’ve made cashews into dairy free ricotta before, I’m not afraid to attempt this recipe for the first time on V-Day.  Plus, Lindsay’s recipes are always amazing!

Making chicken breasts using this method.  I’ve made chicken this way before and it is extremely easy plus the chicken stays super moist.  I plan to cut the chicken up and mix it in with the pasta and sauce.

Funfetti cupcakes with frosting.  This one is a surprise for Landon.  When he was little he went to a birthday party and all he could talk about was the cake.  We even had funfetti for our wedding cake.  I made the cupcakes tonight (using red and white cupcake liners ❤) and will frost them tomorrow before he gets home.

Last but certainly not least, champagne.??  I actually have never purchased champagne before.  I spent a good 5 minutes staring at the limited options our tiny grocery store has.  Then I spent another 5 minutes searching Pinterest on how to buy champagne.  I know the first time I ever had it, it was too dry.  But since then I’ve liked it.  No idea what kind is what but I went with Barefoot.  They never let me down when I upgraded from Boones Farm and I doubt they will start now. ?

valentine date night

What to Watch

A date with just dinner is, well, just dinner.  To make it a date, you need to do something!  Well, luckily the winter Olympics are on live every night this week and next week!  And Valentine’ s Day includes the pairs figure skating medal round.  How romantic!  I’m cheering for the US couple that is also married – Alexa Scimeca Knierim and Chris Knierim.  But honestly, as a former skater, I just love watching it all. ❤ ⛸

I need to get back to watching snowboarding but I hope everyone has a lovely Valentine’s Day! ?

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