Winter Getaway and Books I’m Reading

What’s better than a beach vacation in the middle of winter?  Nothing.  But second best is a winter vacation up north. So I thought I’d take a break from packing to tell you about what I am looking forward to.  Tomorrow morning Landon, his parents, and myself are heading on a 3.5 hour voyage up north to a friend’s cabin on a lake.  After working long days and weekends the past couple weeks, I am so excited to have a couple days off!

Landon and his dad plan to do lots of ice fishing (and hopefully will catch us dinner ??).  And his mom and I are planning on reading by a fire, snowshoeing, and perhaps exploring the little neighboring towns.  Oh and sleep.  I plan to do a lot of that.  And can’t forget the wine.  Goodness, this vacay keeps getting busier and busier.

I am so excited to snowshoe!  They just got 8 inches of snow on Sunday which is perfect.  The weather will also be around 40, so definitely not freezing cold!  This winter has either been too cold to snowshoe or we haven’t had snow.  It’s nice to finally have the right combination – especially since this might be the last chance before spring is really here.

Winter getaway

When not snowshoeing (or sleeping), I have 4 books to keep me occupied.  The first book is A Life Beyond Amazing by Dr. David Jeremiah.  My mother-in-law and I are doing a book study on this with the other ladies at church.  We have the study guide too.  We should be meeting to go over chapter 4 next week but we’ve had a lot of cancellations from bad weather so we will only be talking about chapters 2 and 3.  So far I like how the chapter topics have been laid out.

My next book is The Curated Closet by Anuschka Rees.  I actually borrowed it from the library but didn’t finish it before it was due and there was a waitlist.  But I liked it so much and found it inspiring so I bought my own copy.  It’s amazing how just reading it I’ve been able to think of certain clothes to get rid of without even seeing my closet.  If only cleaning out my closet could all be done from a comfy chair while reading!

Books I'm reading

The final two books I downloaded to my Nook and are the newest ones to The Matchmaker series by Elise Sax that I wrote about awhile back.  I got a little behind keeping up with the series so I’m excited to catch up before the 10th book comes out!  I am fairly certain I will be done reading It Happened One Fright and The Big Kill before the weekend is over.

Now back to packing.  Enjoy the rest of your week! ?

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