A Pumpkin Pail DIY Production

pumpkin pails

I can hardly believe it’s October, let alone the end of it!  We have been in the 70’s all last week and then yesterday we had a wind advisory with a high of 43.  They are forecasting snow by the end of the week! ☃️

One thing I have found challenging with decorating a new house that is also your first house:  you just don’t have stuff to decorate with.  We are definitely making progress but that’s with every day décor.  The holidays bring a whole other level to the challenge.  I still wanted our house to look like fall even if the weather didn’t agree but I didn’t want to spend much at all.  When I saw those pumpkin pails kids use for hauling all their treats for only a buck, an idea was born. ?

Onto the Pumpkin Pail DIY:

I bought 4 of those pails (3 orange and 1 teal) and some white spray paint.  I wanted one to be teal since that fits the décor of our house best and thought I’d use it on our dining table as a centerpiece.  It also matches the only placemats I own.   (I did look for fall themed ones but tan is so not my color.)

pumpkin pail diy

With the other orange pails, I spray painted them white.  It took a little more work than I thought it would, but isn’t that part of DIY?  Anyway, I taped off the black handles because I wasn’t sure if I wanted to get rid of them. (I am seeing wall décor of pumpkin pails in the future maybe.)  It also took an extra coat on the outside (3 total).  I also ended up using some dark acrylic paint I already had on hand to paint the inside.  The reason for this was the orange from the inside still showed through when in the wrong lighting.

pumpkin pail diy
Learn how we made our hallway mirror here.

After they were dry, I put them in place with fake flowers left over from our wedding.  Recycling at it’s finest!

I love the mixed media decorating our mantle!

I think the flower afros are a bit hilarious but Landon thinks they are cool.  I’ll consider that a win in my book.  Bonus: I can turn the jack-o-lantern faces around after Halloween and then they are just plain pumpkins to bring us to Thanksgiving.  ? –> ? = ??

Just a plain every-day teal pumpkin from the back!
Just a “standard” every-day teal pumpkin from the back! ?

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