Our 2nd Anniversary

Wedding anniversary
We celebrated at our favorite wine bar in town last night!

Yesterday marked two years since Landon and I said “I do.”  To celebrate our wedding anniversary, I decided to recap some moments in our relationship that stand out to me.   Without further ado…

Landon is a preschool teacher and I still smile when I think back to our first date and how he talked A LOT about his students.  He even showed me pictures, like a proud parent.  It was so cute.  But what did it for me was him being a golfer and wanting to build a house on a golf course someday (which we did!).

I love how he still wanted to date me when I accidently wore my shirt inside out for our second date (we went mini golfing).  In my defense, I couldn’t decide what to wear and had put that shirt on about 3 different times.  He never even noticed until I called him after he dropped me off! ?

Our first 4th of July weekend included driving a golf cart up a bluff, fireworks, meeting his mom, my first time golfing on the golf course we now live by, and my friend’s party where we played hammerschlagen.

Playing golf one cold day in October 2014
Playing golf one cold day in October 2014. ⛳️ If I remember right, this is the hole Landon chipped in for eagle!

The weekend we first said “I love you” and met my parents for lunch the next day.  Him and my dad talked the whole time!

I remember standing up at my best friend’s wedding and watching him in the crowd wondering if that would be in store for us (and 399 days later it was!).

For Thanksgiving that first year, I was at my parent’s house and he was with his family at his grandpa’s.  He started texting me about rings and I just assumed he was looking at the Black Friday ads.  Then his questions got more specific and I knew he had to be researching.  Thus, starting an extremely stressful month of looking at rings and thinking they were all ugly. ?

The eve of Christmas Eve we went to look at rings at the mall.  After the first store was terribly unsuccessful, we walked toward another one and I remember saying “What if I never find one?”  We stepped into the second one and he immediately saw it.  I loved it the minute I tried it on. ?

In January we started looking at floor plans to build.  We met with a builder and checked out lots (by the golf course).  On January 30th, we went to check out a lot with his parents.  They never got out of the car but it was winter so I figured they wanted to stay warm. Landon started walking out into the snow covered corn field so I followed him.  He got down on one knee and said a bunch of things I never heard because I was too surprised.  I am now typing this in the house we built on the lot he proposed on. ❤️

The night we got engaged!
The night we got engaged! ?

Our first Valentine’s we spent apart.  Landon has an annual ice fishing tournament with friends so I went up to my parent’s for some dress shopping.  The second day and second store, I tried on THE dress.  They gave me a bell to ring and asked me about Landon.  I started crying like a dork and my mom got it all on camera.

wedding anniversary
He still sent me flowers at my parents for V-Day. Aww. ?
Crying when I found my dress
Crying when I found my dress! ??

We broke ground on our house in May.  It was so exciting to watch it come together!  We received our certificate of occupancy the day before our wedding.  Since we general contracted it ourselves, we had (still have) a lot of finishing to do.  The Monday after our wedding we spent the day at our house hanging up mirrors and towel rods in the bathrooms.  I even got to drive Landon to urgent care when he cut his hand with a box cutter.  I believe he got four stitches in his palm that day.

wedding anniversary
Hard to believe our house once looked like this!

We celebrated a week of marriage with half our sectional moved in and opened all our wedding gifts.  I really like how convenient it was to put kitchen things away right after opening!

It seems so weird looking at how unfinished this room started.
It seems so weird looking at how unfinished this room started.  We’ve since added curtains and a mantle.

It was so neat hosting both our families together for our first Christmas in the house.  It was a lot of work to get it together but I never slept in my own house on Christmas Eve growing up (always travelled to family) so it was extra special to do that our first year.

Our first Christmas in our house and as a married couple.
Our first Christmas in our house and as a married couple.

In March we went to Cozumel for our honeymoon over Landon’s spring break.  It was absolutely wonderful and nearly every other month we talk about going back.

At our resort in Cozumel for our honeymoon.
At our resort in Cozumel for our honeymoon. ?

The summer of 2016 will always be known as the summer Landon was obsessed with growing grass.  Our acre lot had been mud and he planted grass seed and was so attentive to it, it drove me nuts!  But I guess it was all worth it when the old men in our neighborhood compliment him on it. ?

That summer was also when our niece was born (she is the sweetest little thing) and Landon’s parents moved to our subdivision.  We now can walk or take the golf cart over to their house which is pretty neat!

Landon and our niece.
Landon and our niece.
Me and our niece
Me and our niece.

In between all of that, our trip to Nashville, and our trip up north with my parents, we’ve worked on projects for our house, golfed, and just enjoyed each other’s company.  It has been an amazing two years of marriage so far and I can’t wait to see how the rest of our life unfolds! ❤️

And in case this post was too lovey-dovey, here’s the winning buck Landon got last year.  He’s hoping to get another next week when the weather cools down! ??

Seriously, this buck's neck makes the other two in our living room look puny!
Seriously, this buck’s neck makes the other two in our living room look puny!



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