Stair Wall Art

Stair wall art

The end of this month will mark two years in our house!  And for nearly two years, I have stared at this giant wall above our basement stairs.  We have contemplated many ideas but never quite found the right fit.  Whatever we found, we wanted to keep for a long time.  Mostly because putting a ladder on stairs is rather scary and not the easiest task.

The empty wall, "before."
The empty wall, “before.”

On our way back from vacation in June, we stopped at Becker Furniture World and wandered through the 250,000 square foot showroom.  (They even have an entire house inside to showcase Magnolia Homes by Joanna Gaines!)  Wandering through the clearance section, a canvas caught my eye.  It was an abstract of a golfer swinging.  We both loved it – and even better, it was $180 marked down to only $40!

When we got home, we found the painting was still a bit small for that wall space above the stairs.  I have spend the last few months looking for things to go with it.  And last week, I found it!  I was walking through Hobby Lobby and found a two pack of canvases that match our decor.  They happened to be on sale for 50% and were purchased on the spot.

The canvases together.
The canvases together.

Hanging all three pieces up was quite the production.  My father-in-law came to help us and it took three different ladders before we found one that would fit.  The canvases were all slightly different lengths and the brackets at different spaces from their tops so it took a lot of math to hang it all.

Stair wall art

After consulting Martha Stewart on how high to hang them (the middle at 60″ above the floor), we placed a board between the railing to give us a starting place for the floor level on the left side.  From there, I used a level and made small marks across the wall to the top of the stairs.  We then measured up the wall from those points using Martha’s formula.

Special thanks to Landon and his dad for doing the grunt work! ?

And here’s some process pics of the guys ?
Hanging the stair wall art
Third time’s the charm for ladders. They used blocks of wood to level out the step below. The wood board was used to help mark the floor level.
Hanging wall art
Can’t really tell, but Landon is pretty high up!


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