A Refreshing Summer Cocktail: The Landonator

Red wine is to winter as refreshing cocktails are to summer.  They quench your thirst, keep you cool, and can be so gosh darn delicious.  This grapefruit drink is no exception.  Plus, it’s easy to make and only requires 3 ingredients.  It’s like a simple mix drink but with a slight upgrade.

Refreshing summer cocktail

My family has named it the Landonator.  Remember the royal wedding?  Yeah I know that was back in May but that is when this drink was born.  We were visiting my parents that weekend and my dad recorded the royal wedding for my mom and me to watch later.  Well later came and the guys (my dad and husband Landon) got stuck watching with us. The commentary they provided was entertaining but I can’t really compare it to the news coverage because I never heard that.  The guys did seem to get a kick out of the little hats the ladies all wear which are called fascinators.

Refreshing summer cocktail

Soon we all had different drinks flowing and my husband came back from the kitchen with this refreshing cocktail.  It was then named the Landonator, inspired by all that fascinator talk.  Since then, the cocktail has been enjoyed between all of us on different occasions.  And each time one is made, you better believe we let each other know we are having a Landonator!

Refreshing summer cocktail
They taste extra delicious on our front porch!


1oz vodka

3oz grapefruit juice

3oz Ruby Red squirt


Mix all ingredients over ice.

You can definitely tweak this to your liking.  We all are partial to equal parts juice to pop but that’s totally up to you.  Like more bubbles?  Add more Squirt.  Think carbonation is bad?  Add more juice.  Extra thirsty?  Make it a double.  Had a rough day?  Add more vodka.  Think you are invincible?  Maybe switch to water. ?

Refreshing summer cocktail

That’s all there is to it!  Also, how cute are these drink umbrellas?  I didn’t have any drink accessories on hand and made these following this tutorial from Food 52.  They were really easy to make and I probably will make them ahead of time if we ever throw a party!

Happy summer sippin! ?

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