New Things I’m Loving to Beat the Heat

It’s crazy to think July is halfway over!  Which means summer is halfway over but there’s still plenty of warm weather left.  While I’m more of a cold weather kind of gal, I have found a few things to help beat the heat.

The best deodorant ever!


Okay, so obviously I wear this all year round but I have found a new favorite!  I haven’t used an aluminum based deodorant in over a year.  I’ve tried various homemade ones, my favorite being one I bought from a lady at our local farmers market.  But this one by Native blows them all out of the water.  It’s not that the other natural ones didn’t work, I just didn’t feel as dry as I would have liked when the humidity hit and the temps were 90+.  This one keeps me dry, smells amazing, and if I’m not graceful getting dressed, I have yet to see deodorant marks.  I ordered Coconut & Vanilla but they have a lot of other scents to choose from as well as unscented.  And they carry deodorant for both men and women!  I can’t wait for Landon to get some paraben and aluminum free stuff.  Old Spice might smell good, but it’s not internally good.  If you are interested in getting some for your own pits, this link will add a free travel size with a full size purchase!

Instant coffee dissolves in cold water for instant iced coffee!

Iced Instant Coffee

I’ve always preferred my cup of Joe over ice and summer is no exception.  I actually gave up coffee last July but have slowly started adding a cup of decaf most days.  Through all this, I learned that giving up coffee doesn’t have health benefits for me but I also learned that I am more sensitive to caffeine than I previously thought.  Anyway, I’m so excited to discover that instant coffee dissolves in cold water!  The directions say to use hot water but it’s not necessary.  Now when I want an afternoon treat, I can have iced coffee – instantly!  It’s not quite as good tasting as normal coffee you’d brew but it sure beats waiting for that to cool or trying to plan ahead with how much to make the day before.  Plus, if you like a little creamer as I do, it’s a great summer beverage to keep you cool.


I started streaming this show on Hulu on Tuesday nights when Landon is out golfing.  The only reason I even gave it a try was because Hilary Duff is in it.  But it has fast become my favorite show!  I included the trailer above because I never know how much to say without giving too much away.  Anyway, the main character is 40, pretending to be 26 and it’s from the creators of Sex and the City.  Basically the story line keeps you hooked, there’s drama but it’s still lighthearted and it’s just so good!  Landon now comes home and always asks me to catch him up.  I’m not sure what about it he likes but he has said more than once that he likes the show.  Next time it’s too hot to go outside, check it out on Hulu or TVLand.

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