April Life Updates

April life updates

Spring is finally here!  I can’t believe we had a blizzard last week and then yesterday got into the 70s.  Not complaining!  I literally went from boots to sandals.  Feels so good!  We’ve had a pretty busy month so I thought I’d just tell you all about it this week.  

April life updates

First, I made this wreath for my grandma.  I made it the same way as my Kate Spade inspired wreath sans stripes.  She lives in assisted living so a lot of traffic passes her door and she wanted a wreath to work for spring and summer.  I think the color combo looks pretty nice for that, if I do say so myself! ??‍♀️

April life updates

We got to see her last Saturday because we were nearby for my cousin’s wedding.  I can’t remember the last time Landon and I took a picture together so I’m glad we got one – even if it was after the lights dimmed.  Oh well, at least you can tell it’s us!  And I wish I had gotten a picture of their dessert table.  Words cannot describe it.  There were probably 8 different cupcakes, 5 different kinds of bars, 4 different kinds of cookies, caramel corn, donuts, M&Ms, peanut M&Ms, regular Skittles, tropical Skittles, and some other sour candy.  And did I mention they still had a wedding cake too?!  Never did get around to trying that but I did take some cookies to go!  Congrats to Kevin and Megan! ????

April life updates

Tomorrow our nephew will be 3 weeks old!  He came a bit early much to his parents surprise but he is doing really well.  I’ve seen him 3 times now and he’s been asleep for all of them.  Except when he was a few days old and cried when I held him.??‍♀️ Our niece is almost 2 and she pets him nicely – most of the time. ?

April life updates

Landon is currently changing the oil on the golf cart and getting that ready to go since the course just opened up today!  Finally we can play golf instead of watching all those movies on repeat that I shared last week.  And next weekend the farmers market opens up!  I’ll be dreaming about it every day until then.

Lastly, I got retested for allergies last week and I’ve come to the conclusion we will landscape our house with fake trees.  I’m allergic to them all!  Stupid pollen.  Anyway, do you think I can get a good deal on dozens of fake Christmas trees and just “plant” those randomly around our yard?  Think the neighbors would notice?  Haha!  Guess I’ll just have to stock up more on nettle tea and essential oils to combat the hay fever.  ????

Talk to you next week!



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