2021 Life Updates

Guess who’s back?  Back again…  Ufda.  I did not expect to take such a hiatus from blogging!  In fact, I went into the year with so many ideas for blog posts.  I also went into the year with a positive pregnancy test and symptoms from that definitely changed things.

If I could summarize 2021 in a single sentence it would be this:  Lots of new furniture, puke bucket that never did get bedazzled, iron infusions, new baby while basement was under construction, and a PhD in bottle nipples.  Intrigued yet? Continue reading “2021 Life Updates”

Our Favorite Projects of 2020

Happy New Year!  Over the past few years, I have always been so eager to get to the next year.  After all that has happened in 2020, you’d think I’d be ready to do that again.  But while 2020 has had plenty of disappointments and challenges, I want to reflect on the good things that happened.  We were blessed with more togetherness than ever before.  We learned how to live, work, and play within our own homes.  Yes, vacations were cancelled, shopping trips became packages left on our doorsteps, and outings were not without face masks and hand sanitizer.  But if you try, I am sure you can find highlights from the year and moments to be grateful for.

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Standing Desk and Footrest

I don’t know about you but I am in my 22nd week working from home.  22 weeks!  I have yet to miss my commute but after about the first week, I was really missing my standing desk I had in the office.  Ironically enough, I was planning to purchase a standing desk for my office at home this year.  After a bit of research, I chose an electric sit/stand desk by Flexispot and made a footrest to use with it.  Here is my review of the desk and quick tutorial of the footrest that matches the ottoman I made last year.

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Mask Necklace Holder – Multiple Ideas

Well it seems masks are here to stay for awhile.  And there’s nothing better than taking it off the minute you walk outside. But I’ve had some close calls dropping mine.  Fumbling with removing a mask and putting sunglasses on, often while holding a bag and keys.  It’s not ideal that’s for sure.  If only there was a holder to keep the mask handy when not wearing it.  Enter the mask necklace holder!

Mask Necklace Holder

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Treadmill Table 2.0

What is it about treadmills that make them so unappealing on the eyes?  Don’t get me wrong, they are an amazing machine but they don’t really go with any decor.  Well, except maybe a gym’s decor.  Not the point.  A few years ago I got an old treadmill for free.  And I mean old.  It doesn’t even have a cup holder or a place to put a book so it certainly can’t hold a phone.  So we made a table for it.  But it’s time for a table upgrade.  Hence, treadmill table 2.o.

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