City Girl in the Country

Ahh, the first blog post.  What the heck do I say?!

My name is Leah.  I grew up in a metropolitan area with skyscrapers, multiple giant shopping malls a few miles away, and had a high school graduating class of 800.  I now drive through farmland, passing tractors and Amish buggies alike on my way to work.  The closest mall is an hour away.  My husband is a preschool teacher where the average class size is maybe 45.  While this small-town, country life is interesting enough (do you know how many spiders are in the country?!  It’s a terrifying amount…), I actually have other topics I would rather blog about.

My husband and I spent 2015 planning our wedding and general contracting the building of our home (with a blue front door ?).  I wanted to blog then to document the madness, but there was no time to spare.  So here I am, nearly two years later, ready to show whoever cares all my DIY ideas, homemaking adventures, kitchen exploration, and the surprisingly rather happening area we live in – even if it seems like the middle of nowhere at times.  Here goes nothing – and everything!  Enjoy!

A month before our wedding. We got occupancy the day before we said “I do!”
So tough…

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