The Most Amazing Chair Ever…& New Curtain Rods

I am so excited about this post and it feels like it has taken forever to share because I have not been home at the right time for decent lighting to take pictures.  I love sunny winter days but they really hurt taking clear pictures in rooms that face south.  Never mind that now, I was able to figure out some creative lighting techniques after work and now have pictures!  Without further ado, here is my post:

It all started when we rearranged our sectional in the living room to make room for our Christmas tree.  It turned out we would have a lot of floor space after the tree came down if we left the couch where it was.  My husband has always wanted a recliner and I have always wanted a fashionable chair.  A trendy push back was the perfect solution!  Set with a budget in mind, we went wandering into a furniture store on New Year’s Eve.  I never expected to find the perfect chair at the first store (and it was on sale for $200 less than I budgeted for!) but we did and ordered it the same day.  Last week we got the call that it finally was in and ready for pick up!

Saturday, Landon and I had back-to-back eye appointments (gotta keep those peepers healthy! ?) and we decided to take an early Valentine’s lunch afterwards ❤️.  It worked out perfectly that we would already be in the city the chair was in and could pick it up after our little date!

The comfiest chair ever.
Getting the chair also gave us the push we needed to finish the curtain rods we were making for our big living room window.  We have blinds so the curtains were not needed for privacy or blocking light.  I just felt the window needed to be framed out.  We took a dowel rod, painted it black, and cut it into two 18 inch rods.  So easy but we seemed to take a three month break between each step! ?

Short curtain rods (and the chair)
And there you have it.  The newest addition to our house!  (And yes, I did write this post reclined in aforementioned comfy chair and periodically taking breaks to gaze out our nicely framed window. ?)


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