Kate Spade Inspired Wreath

Front door

Has anyone noticed the weekly weather trend this month?  It seems every week has started off gorgeous out and sunny on Monday, then gradually gets colder and rainier through the work week, but by the weekend it is once again beautiful and warm.  Mid-week showers bring weekend flowers? Ha maybe not quite but these weeks have really tested my footwear options.  Sandals and boots worn just days apart.  Such a shame!  To brighten my spirits (and our front door), I made a wreath for our front door.

Whenever I need a new desktop background, I always search for Kate Spade patterns.  Something about them just makes me happy and feeling energized.  Our front door was lacking some decor and I couldn’t resist showing it a little Kate Spade inspired love.  Plus, these pink peonies just warm my heart – and I am not really a fan of pink!

Kate Spade inspired wreath

I picked up most of my supplies from Joanns on sale.  I originally tried to use black and white ribbon but found it way too difficult to keep the stripes consistent in size (ribbon is slippery).  Then it dawned on me, yarn!  I alternated black and white yarn and oh my did that work a thousand times better.  Next, I popped the peonies and some of the leaves off the stems they came on and used wire threaded through the middle and then wrapped around the wreath, hidden under the yarn.

It’s been rainy and cloudy the last two days but seeing the wreath every time I come and go seems to brighten my day just a little bit.  I am seriously thinking of adding them to the decor inside our house.

front porch
We have some major plans for landscaping and making our porch a little more grand looking.

Aside from our front door, not much else is new this week.  We are still waiting to find out when/if Landon will get an MRI on his knee (he tore his meniscus a few weeks ago and has been in a lot of pain since).  I got a new curling iron and am in love with it!  I also have a haircut and color planned for tomorrow – I still haven’t decided what I want to do.  Maybe I’ll take a note from our door, and brighten things up for spring!

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