Our Bar at the End of the Kitchen

Both Landon and I grew up in homes where there was rarely alcohol.  I honestly don’t ever remember seeing my mother drink.  We laugh now because whenever we are at either of our parents’ homes, they are asking us if we want a drink before we even get our shoes off.  My how things change!  To take after their present day hosting antics,  we took it a step further and made a home bar – complete with an oh-so-trendy gallery wall.

Home bar

It’s kind of astounding that we even need a bar when we have a wine rack built into our cabinets (and beer should be refrigerated).  But there is a season for liquor (mine is usually allergy season because I don’t need more histamines from wine making breathing difficult) and we have all these fancy glasses.  The Mr & Mrs wine glasses were a shower gift.  The Yours, Mine, and Ours glasses and decanter,  a wedding gift.  We also have our glasses from when we went on the brewstillery tour in Nashville.  The iridescent goblet-like glasses and pitcher were my grandma’s and have a matching chip and dip bowl.  We have a dozen more wine glasses in the cupboard (you know, for everyday use).  I suppose we are missing martini glasses but honestly, I’d rather go to our local wine bar for a martini than try to make one.  (Yes, you read that right, our wine bar makes martinis.)

Yours, Mine, & Ours set. Mr & Mrs wine glasses.
Yours, Mine, & Ours set. Mr & Mrs wine glasses.
Glasses from the brewstillery
Glasses from the brewstillery.

A tray is a bar cart necessity

When I searched Pinterest for bar cart ideas, they always seemed to have a tray to anchor the bottles on top.  I have this lovely silver one from my grandma (not the same grandma I got the goblets from) and thought it added enough vintage charm to make our drinks feel exceptionally classy.  I have doubts that this grandmother of mine has ever really had a drink but hopefully she doesn’t mind us using her tray for our own speakeasy.

The best part of putting all this together was making the wall art.  I shared a sneak peek a couple weeks ago about the cork sphere.  It used all the corks we had (we are more Bota Box type people).  Side note – Amazon sells wine corks!

The printables were the most fun.  They actually came together really fast, which is unusual for my perfectionist self.  I already had all the frames from half a dozen apartments ago but never got around to using them before.  I spray painted all of them black and then started putting holes in our walls to hang them.

Bar art gallery wall
Gallery wall/Printables

These printables have definitely opened me up to so many other ideas for our house.  At one point I had a bunch half done and open on my computer.  Every time I’d start one I’d get an idea for another and have to start that before I forgot what it was.  We’ll see where else our walls get affected in the coming months.  Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a mint plant that is begging to be made into a mojito at The Bar.

The Bar sign

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