Life Updates: Summer 2019

What a summer!  What a year really, and it’s only a week into August!  I feel like we have been up to so many projects this year but nothing has been “complete” enough for a blog post.  But the journey is half the fun and I think fun should be shared.  So here is everything we have been up to over the past few months.

Hip Surgeries

Life Updates: Summer 2019
That clock says 5:30am. It was an early morning!

Yep, it’s plural now!  I had a hip arthroscopy on my right hip 21 weeks ago yesterday and tomorrow will be two weeks from the same procedure on my left.  I’m on crutches once again (which is a little frustrating) but feeling so good!  If you ever find yourself in a similar situation, the surgery is so, so worth it.  This time has gone a lot easier.  I wouldn’t say last time was bad by any means but I was in extended traction then and compared to this time I am noticing big differences!

Deck and Landscaping

Life Updates: Summer 2019
Progress pic – can’t reveal it all yet!

We built our house with a deck off the sliding doors in our dining area.  Our basement is a walkout so the deck is two stories high and had no stairs.  Which drove me nuts!  At the end of June we built a deck off the basement walkout and a set of stairs to connect the two levels.  It then got insanely hot out and now I’m on crutches so we haven’t enjoyed it much but later this fall it is going to be amazing!

Life Updates: Summer 2019
The day of trenching was exciting, I kept going out on the deck to see!

I was hoping to post about the deck before and after but the yard got a little torn up and that didn’t get fixed until this past week.  Before I had my second surgery, we went around our retaining walls and new deck and spray painted the line for landscaping rock.  Landon and his dad have been hard at work tilling the area, trenching, and laying down landscape fabric and pavers.  I can’t wait until the rock is in!  Next summer we will worry about plants.


Life Updates: Summer 2019
Doesn’t look like much but it has come so far from just the studs!

We are slowly working on finishing off our basement.  In April we had our electrician come and add some more outlets and rough in the future bathroom.  Landon and his dad finished drywalling everything (except the bathroom) and we’re about ready to get the walls sprayed with texture!  With all my free time recovering, I have been picking out all things bathroom.  Vanities, showers, faucets, lights, flooring, paint colors – it’s been so fun!  I forgot how much I loved designing our house.

Those are our summer 2019 updates.  Not exactly how I planned the year back in December but all good things – even the crutches I suppose. 😉

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