Our 3 Year Anniversary

3 year anniversary
Three roses for three years

Three years ago today I said “I do” to the most amazing man I’ve ever met.  I promise I’ll try not to be that mushy through this whole post! Since I haven’t shared a ton about us and our relationship, I thought it would be fun to reminisce with some random facts.

Wardrobe Malfunctions

For our second date we planned to go mini golfing. It was the end of June and really hot and I could not figure out what shirt to wear.  The one I decided on ended up being inside out after putting it on and taking it off 3 times.  I had no idea it was inside out until I got home that night.  I immediately called Landon and asked if he noticed.  He hadn’t but we had a good laugh.  Now, whenever I am trying on outfits, he checks that I’m put together the right way.

Engagement Ring Research

I knew things were very serious when he was texting me on Thanksgiving about rings.They weren’t just general questions either.  Landon likes to research as much as I do and his questions gave it away that he was researching all about engagement rings and styles.

Deciding to Build

We actually met with a builder and fell in love with a floor plan for a lot 2 down from ours.  This happened between ring shopping and actually getting engaged.  But ultimately, we decided to general it ourselves.

The Proposal

It was a chilly Friday in January when we went to check out a potential lot.  There in the snowy bean field, Landon knelt down on one knee.  We think that spot is somewhere around our hallway now.

Research, research, research!

We both are huge researchers.  Like we will spend hours researching how to do something, making sure an item is reviewed well before purchasing, or just things we are interested in having knowledge about.  Honestly, I think most people would be annoyed by these tactics but it works for us! ?

Decisions, decisions…

Along with being researchers, we also are very decisive.  Unless it’s on where to go for dinner.  But we easily make decisions (often after lots of research), and never waiver or wish we had made a different decision.  It’s how we built our house so easily!

Rock on!

When we travel in the car, we like to blast old punk rock and other 90s and early 2000s songs and sing loud.  We usually get dramatic with arms and try to dance in our seats too.  It makes time fly by and we always get a good laugh. Sirius XM Pop Rocks channel 17 is always on point.  ??

There are lots of things we both love about our house but the thing we love most is who we share it with. ?

Happy Anniversary Landon! I still can’t wait to grow old with you ??

3 year anniversary

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