Pillow Covers from a Curtain Panel

Pillow Covers from a curtain panel

In the spring of 2015, Landon and were in the middle of planning our wedding.  Construction was just starting on our house.  We were both driving an hour one way to work (although Landon would soon be off for the summer).  Landon’s brother and his wife had recently bought a house two miles from where we were building and half the distance to my job.  They were heading out of the country for a two month honeymoon and we graciously agreed to house sit.  I was able to save an hour every day commuting and Landon was so close to general our house.

We decided we would buy a new bed and have it moved into one of their empty bedrooms for those two months, and then it would be a short move into our house once it was completed.  So off we went, mattress shopping.  But before we bought a bed, we purchased our leather sectional for some ridiculously low price.  And we kept that in baby wrapped up in plastic in his grandpa’s garage for months before we ever got to sit on it.  It was a great find and I was so excited.  Except I was actually disappointed to find out it came with the pillows that were displayed on the floor model.

Pillows that came with couch
Pillows that came with couch ?

I hated those pillows.  They really aren’t that bad looking but they are so not my style.  And if you have ever had couch pillows that can’t be washed, you aren’t too keen when people lay on them regardless if they are sick or healthy.  The obvious solution was pillow covers.  So I looked on and off the first six months or so but didn’t find anything I liked in the right size.

Our great room "before" the pillow covers
Our great room before the pillow covers

Last summer I was ordering curtains for our guest room from Target and they had a major sale going on.  I thought to myself,  “Hey!  Curtains are made of durable fabric that can be used as pillows!”  And since our ottoman is Threshold, I figured the same brand of curtain would coordinate.  By adding that curtain to my cart I saved $10 and the curtain was $15.  Making the total $5  for the fabric to make pillow covers.  And when they arrived, we hung up the guest room curtains and this curtain, well, it went to hide in the ottoman for nearly a year.  And I spent an hour making pillow covers last week.  Some things just can’t be rushed, okay?

sewing pillow covers

And here are the pillows now!  They are teal and I basically love them.  Plus I can wash them whenever I want.  (No Landon, this is not a free pass to eat in the living room. ?)

Our great room "after" the pillow covers
Our great room after the pillow covers – so much better!

I even kept the finished edge of the curtain to be the finished edge of the cover.  This saved me time not having to finish edges.  It was also a really good thing because the tension on my machine seems to be a little off and I wouldn’t have been able to get the seams to look so nice.  (Note to self, fix tension!)

Finished edge from curtain
Finished edge from curtain

I love how all these little projects just keep making our house a little more homier and a little more “ours.”

Pillow Covers

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