Green Chef Review

This past weekend we tried the meal kit delivery service Green Chef.  I had been accumulating a list of meal kit providers and am curious to try most of them.  It seems the standard is they send you a box with just enough ingredients to make three meals that they also provide recipes for.  Recipes should take around 30 minutes to make.  This is a great incentive for people on the go or with children.  Each company has it’s own differences and pricing structure.

Green Chef box
Our box!

Green Chef is all organic and has 6 different dietary options to choose from; vegetarian, omnivore, vegan, carnivore, gluten-free, and paleo.  I recently have gone dairy free so I chose the paleo option for us.

Signing up was super easy and quick.  The first box was heavily discounted which made it very affordable.  Paleo is the most expensive per serving ($14.99) but with the discount we got 3 meals (6 servings) with a $9 delivery fee for $33.  Not bad at all!

Green Chef box
There was ice on the top and bottom and they were still solid after transit for a few days. Love that the packaging is compost friendly!

When I first signed up I could see the first two weeks out.  The second week had shrimp which would be great but shellfish triggers migraines for me.  I really wanted to not like Green Chef because they don’t let you tailor beyond paleo.  We also live in a very remote area so we couldn’t pick our delivery day, it was Friday or nothing.  I do prefer cooking more on weekends and using leftovers during the week but we often are out of town so Friday delivery doesn’t work.  It also would be nice to have the fast meals for week days.

But I couldn’t dislike Green Chef.  I knew right away what we were getting and I was excited to try things I had never heard of before.  We have been in a recipe rut so this was perfect to introduce us to new flavors!  Look at these meals:

Green Chef review
Vietnamese Chicken
Green Chef review
Pork & Eggplant
Green Chef review
Chard-Wrapped Cod

Making the meals together was really efficient and fun to do.  Usually I do all the cooking so making the meals with Landon seemed less of a chore.  And.  They.  Tasted.  So.  Good.  It was amazing.  I felt like I was at a high end restaurant but I didn’t have to worry about if I met dress code or if I used the wrong fork! ?

Note – I am not a food blogger or food photographer so ignore my mediocre plating.  On with the pictures…

We decided to make the fish first and we will definitely make fish like this again.  The coriander chutney was delicious!  I also am not a huge sweet potato fan but really enjoyed it with the finer-cardamom spice blend and currants.  I would totally make it again.

Green chef chard wrapped fish
The ingredients and recipe cards are color have a color code system.  Fish = orange.
Green chef chard wrapped cod
We would have had wine but Landon was a bit under the weather so water was a safer bet.

The next night we tried the Vietnamese chicken.  This meal was also amazing!  It took a little longer than the 35 minutes to get the chicken cooked through but that was the only hiccup.  I really liked that the salad wasn’t leafy greens.  Landon liked the chicken seasoning the best.

Green chef Vietnamese chicken
Vietnamese chicken = purple.
Green Chef Vietnamese chicken
Still no wine but mixed iced passion tea with lemonade. Perfect summer meal!

Our last meal to try was the Cajun pork and eggplant.  We had the perfect weather to grill the skewers out on our deck and it was nice that Green Chef does seasonal things like that.  This was Landon’s favorite.  He liked the mix of pork and eggplant.  I had never had eggplant before this so it was nice to try (and enjoy!) without worrying about how to shop for one the first time.  I didn’t care for the cooked collard greens with smoky tomato sauce but really enjoyed the parsley chimichurri sauce on the cauliflower.

Green chef Cajun pork and eggplant
Cajun pork and eggplant = yellow.
Green chef Cajun pork and eggplant
We actually had way more skewers and this was the only meal we really had leftovers from.

Overall, I am now in love with Green Chef.  I am constantly looking to see what meal boxes they have in the coming weeks.  I want to get them all!  The full price of the paleo option for 3 meals and delivery would come out rounded to $100.  Definitely pricier than doing it all yourself but cheaper than order similar options at a restaurant with a cocktail.  It was also a great opportunity to try new things and cook together.  I will definitely get more boxes, but probably for special occasions more than on a regular basis.

If you are interested in trying Green Chef, you can go here and also get your first 4 servings (2 meals) free!

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