Things I am currently loving

Things I am currently loving:

Aveda Shampure Dry Shampoo
Aveda Shampure Dry Shampoo

This dry shampoo.  Seriously it is the best.  I have tried so many and none of them measure up.  Instead of an aerosol, you squeeze the bottle and powder puffs out.  Landon jokes he knows it’s a dry shampoo day because he hears the puffs before he gets up in the morning.  It’s also nicer than the aerosols because whether you put the powder in your hands or right onto your hair/scalp, you can start working it through immediately.  No waiting time to brush it out.  I also have super dark hair and it doesn’t show after it’s worked through!

Hot Tools 1.25" curling iron in Pistachio Delight
Hot Tools 1.25″ curling iron in Pistachio Delight

This curling iron.  I have spent hundreds of dollars on other “beloved” brands of styling tools and they all suck.  I was so nervous to spend $50 on this Hot Tools curling iron because of that but holy moly!  It’s the best!  My hair stays curled all day and it doesn’t take long at all to set the curls to begin with.  I also am amazed at how using it nearly daily for the past month and I have not seen any damage to my hair at all – and I highlighted it last month too!  It’s well worth spending twice the drugstore brand.  My only regret is I didn’t buy it last fall when I first was looking.  But then again, they didn’t have this pretty teal color then.  Looks great with my decor.

Justin's Vanilla Almond Butter
Justin’s Vanilla Almond Butter

This Vanilla Almond Butter.  (No I don’t eat it in the bathroom, I just thought the marble was cute from taking the other pictures. ?)  The first time I tried almond butter I was like “That’s it?  It’s so bland why would anyone eat this stuff?  And it’s harder to spread than peanut butter.”  But then one day I was kind of in the mood to try it again and the vanilla caught my eye.  Life changer.  If I could, I would put a spoon on a chain around my neck and carry this jar around with my all day, everywhere.  It is that good.  It’s good on toast, or straight out of the jar.  I’m sure it’s good other ways, I just don’t know what those ways are…

This song.  I am obsessed.  I don’t really know how I stumbled on it a couple weeks ago but I could listen to it on repeat all day and not grow tired of it.  It just gives these feels that, well, feel awesome.  And my ears enjoy it too.


Lastly, I’m loving that a three day weekend is almost in our midst and my parents are coming down to stay with us!  I’m not loving that I have to clean out the guest room but they need somewhere to sleep.  Although, if my dad and Landon drink a whole bottle of port wine in one sitting like they did last time we got together, my dad might not care where he sleeps. ? Sorry Dad!  But in all seriousness, I hope these cold, rainy days are behind us and the sun comes to visit this weekend too! ☀️

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