Bill Payment Tracker

Bills, bills, bills.  Anyone else brought back to 1999 and the Destiny’s Child song?  Just me?  As usual.  Anyway, this post is less to do about Beyonce, Kelly, and Michelle, and a whole lot more about not getting late fees.  Back when I was young and single, I had like 3 bills to pay a month.  But when one marries and becomes a home owner, bills tend to multiply.  A lot.  Enter a bill payment tracker.

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2018 Be Kind To Me – A Recap of 2017

2018 be kind to me

I had so much enthusiasm for 2017.  The plan for January was to train in my replacement so in February I could start my new position within the same company.  I was so excited and still am completely in love with my job.  Health-wise, I started the year feeling better than I had in a long time.  At that point, I had been taking liquid gold (liquid iron supplement) for 5 months and was actually feeling like a somewhat functioning adult.  I also was making plans and working on setting up this blog. Continue reading “2018 Be Kind To Me – A Recap of 2017”

Easy Christmas Gifts and Edible Coal

At work we have a Secret Santa gift exchange.  It is fun to partake in, but it also means more gifts to buy.  Which then potentially causes more holiday stress.  But I was able to minimize the stress with some clever and easy Christmas gifts.  I also have found the most amazing recipe for making edible coal – seriously so good!  And I made some cute little Christmas themed brownies that could not have been any easier. 🎁

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DIY Glass Etching Gifts

I’m a practical gift giver.  I follow a list and almost always give what is on the list.  So for non-list type situations, I struggle.  Big time.  But I also like being crafty, and that can make the most drab practical gifts incredibly cute and personable.  There are two girls from my old department that I am still close with and we exchange gifts.  I decide to do a little DIY glass etching as part of their gifts.  If you’ve never done glass etching before, it is the fastest and easiest DIY ever.  I swear.

DIY Glass Etching

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