Why And How We Painted Our Basement Floor

In early March, back when life was normal, we painted our basement floor instead of having flooring installed.  It’s been one of the best decisions we made for our house!  Here is a recap on why we opted for paint over traditional flooring, how much elbow grease went into it, and an overview of the process.

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How I Easily Got Longer Lashes

My name is Leah and I suffer from short eyelashes.  Like insanely short.  As in my top lashes are as long as my bottom lashes.  But in the last few months I’ve changed all that.  I have long lashes and I didn’t need a prescription to get it!  For the past three months I have been using GrandeLash-MD Lash Enhancing Serum and I am completely blown away that it actually works.

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3 Books for the Wanderlust Reader

I’ll be honest.  I’ve only just started feeling all the anxious feelings around staying home.  Initially, we kept ourselves so busy, I didn’t really have a chance to miss going places.  Sure, I am bummed we had to cancel a trip.  But I thought we would have it rescheduled by now.  Since travel is out of the question, I did the next best thing: read fiction travel books.  And oh man, they did not disappoint!  Here are 3 books for the wanderlust reader that will satisfy and make you hungry for travel at the same time. (I promise they are more than worth the read!)

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Oh My Pumpkin! Fall Decor

Happy fall y’all!  I’ve always wanted to say that but not being from the south, “y’all” just feels weird to say out loud.  Anyway, I have pumpkin muffins in the oven and am rocking a flannel shirt today.  Crisp, fall weather has arrived and I am totally here for it!  My house is ready too!  I spent an evening arranging pumpkins and rearranging pumpkins and I’m pretty happy with how this year’s fall decor turned out.

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Lacquer Box DIY

Remember back in March and April when everyone was decluttering in a way that would make Marie Kondo proud?  I didn’t go very hardcore but I did find a half stained wood box in the one tote I went through.  Nearly everything is back in that tote but I was able to give the wood box new life!  And now I have a pretty lacquer box DIY sitting on our nautical shelves in our guest bedroom.

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