Oh My Pumpkin! Fall Decor

Happy fall y’all!  I’ve always wanted to say that but not being from the south, “y’all” just feels weird to say out loud.  Anyway, I have pumpkin muffins in the oven and am rocking a flannel shirt today.  Crisp, fall weather has arrived and I am totally here for it!  My house is ready too!  I spent an evening arranging pumpkins and rearranging pumpkins and I’m pretty happy with how this year’s fall decor turned out.

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Lacquer Box DIY

Remember back in March and April when everyone was decluttering in a way that would make Marie Kondo proud?  I didn’t go very hardcore but I did find a half stained wood box in the one tote I went through.  Nearly everything is back in that tote but I was able to give the wood box new life!  And now I have a pretty lacquer box DIY sitting on our nautical shelves in our guest bedroom.

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The Easiest Floral Initial Wreath

Do you ever have those spur of the moment ideas that end up falling together even better than you thought?  That’s this wreath!  I love this time of year when hydrangeas start turning blush colored.  Our hydrangeas are still too small to bloom yet so I thought I’d bring my own blush florals to our door.  And one quick trip to the craft store turned into the easiest wreath I’ve ever made.

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Standing Desk and Footrest

I don’t know about you but I am in my 22nd week working from home.  22 weeks!  I have yet to miss my commute but after about the first week, I was really missing my standing desk I had in the office.  Ironically enough, I was planning to purchase a standing desk for my office at home this year.  After a bit of research, I chose an electric sit/stand desk by Flexispot and made a footrest to use with it.  Here is my review of the desk and quick tutorial of the footrest that matches the ottoman I made last year.

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