The Easiest Floral Initial Wreath

Do you ever have those spur of the moment ideas that end up falling together even better than you thought?  That’s this wreath!  I love this time of year when hydrangeas start turning blush colored.  Our hydrangeas are still too small to bloom yet so I thought I’d bring my own blush florals to our door.  And one quick trip to the craft store turned into the easiest wreath I’ve ever made.

Floral Initial Wreath

Have you been to Michaels lately?  Their fall floral is amazing this year!  I’m loving all the blush and burgundy options.  I ended up choosing these two sort of droopy stems.  All that was left was a wreath form and a letter for our initial.

Floral Initial Wreath


Mauve Blossom Branch Stem

Blush Blossom Branch Stem

18″ Grapevine Wreath

8″ Wood Letter

Rose Gold Acrylic Paint

Hot glue gun

Wire cutters

How to Make the Easiest Floral Initial Wreath

First, paint your wood letter.  I did two coats on the front and one coat on the back just in case the edges showed.  While that is drying, de-stem your floral stems.  I took wire cutters and cut off the individual branches.

Once I had all the branches separated, I started sticking them in the wreath.  I’ve always thought grapevine wreaths were too messy to work with but they are so worth the little mess!  I literally stuck the floral branches in between the grapevines and that was it.  So easy!  And no glue or wire needed to secure anything.

The last step is to glue the letter onto the wreath.  I used a hot glue gun to adhere the letter and it was then ready to hang.  I found one grapevine that I could hook on the suction cup I use to hang all my wreaths.

That’s it!  I can’t believe how well this came together and how pretty it looks from the street.  Plus, I think the blush tones could work in the spring too.  Multi-seasonal 🙂

Floral Initial Wreath
Our faux window grilles are still going strong on the garage windows!

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