9 Songs for 2019

Music can be so therapeutic.  It can capture emotions and moods and feelings when you can’t put them all into words.  2018 definitely brought a lot of ups and downs and I am expecting 2019 to do the same.  But here are 9 songs I’ll be listening to a lot this year for different reasons.  Most of these are not super well known, so hopefully you’ll discover something new that you love!

9 Songs for 2019

Surrounded by Michael W. Smith – when you need to remember you’re not alone.  I recommend checking out Upperroom’s 10 minute version of this song if you like it.  So good!

Shotgun by George Ezra – when you’re feeling great (or want to feel great)!

2002 by Anne Marie – when you want to relive all those middle school hits in one song.

Whole Lot to Love by Clouds and Thorns – when you need a fresh perspective.

I said Hi by Amy Shark – when you just need to be mad about life’s unfairness for a minute.

Burn the house down  by AJR – when you need some pep and some awesome use of a trumpet.  I can’t help but dance every time I hear this one.

What Do I Know by Ed Sheeran – when you are sick of the depressing news.  You can make the world better too. ?

Be Okay by Oh Honey – when the weather starts getting warm and you get excited about it.  This is my top played song every spring. ?

And finally, when you need to remember to not take life so seriously…

Soak Up the Sun by Sheryl Crow – when I’m having a bad day, this always turns it around. ☀️

I’m not exactly a host of VH1’s Artists You Oughta Know but I hope at least one of these songs spoke to you in some way.  (By the way, does VH1 still exist?  Gosh those were the days…?)  Anyway, Happy New Year! ??

One thought on “9 Songs for 2019

  1. Great songs. The last 2 seem to appear on just about every one of my play lists. Very upbeat! And now I can add some new songs.

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